1. Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale and baby Kingston enjoyed a sweet escape in London yesterday, hitting up a local park for some family time.

    The normally chic, fab, Gwen was forced to battle with London's weather, donning an odd assortment of finds from her closet – a T-shirt, baggy pin-striped pants and Wellies!

    Last night, the gorgeous couple left baby at home and braved the wind and rain to hit up trendy eatery Scott’s in London’s Mayfair. (Consider it Britain's version of the Ivy.)

    Other UK superstars dining there that night: Mick Jagger, Kevin Spacey and Take That's Gary Barlow.
  2. so adorable!!!
  3. I love this family! They are all so cute and sweet. Kingston is so adorable.
  4. hope they will last :tender:
  5. I don't how she can make wellies look good.
  6. They are very cute! Although I do question her clothing choices as of late. haha
  7. gavin's so sexy
  8. owww!!what a sweet family:biggrin:
  9. Those are my favorite trio! Just love them!
  10. so cute
  11. Aww... this put a smile on my face. They look so cute!
  12. They're so cute !!
  13. I thought the Ivy in London was Britians version of the Ivy! Or mayve its the other way 'round as The Ivy in London opened in 1917! Lool.

    They look super cute as a family! I have to say, I am a little envious. Gavin should have been mine! hehehe....
  14. Aww i love her!!
  15. They are the cutest family! Great pics!