adorable video of a momma and baby panda!

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  1. :heart::wlae:
  2. I've seen that before, but it never gets old!
  3. OMG LOL!!!!!!!!! That is so awesome. I love her reaction. She sits there and stares for a few seconds like :confused1:

    That made my day!
  4. Hahaa.... And fatty goes back to chowing down....
    I love pandas.
  5. hehe that is soo cute. I saw it a while back and everytime I want to smile I go to youtube and watch it.
  6. That is cute- that baby panda is so tiny!
  7. So funny LOL Adorable creatures!
  8. That made me laugh. Cute.
  9. SO CUTE! what an extreme sneeze. Haha
  10. Loved it!!!
  11. LOL How cute!