adorable polka dot shoes!

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  1. Can anyone ID these adorable shoes?

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  2. That might be Betsey Johnson. I see pink sole.
  3. those shoes's are really cute, i like them =]
  4. They look comfy, too for heels... I'm going to go with the Betsy Johnson guess, too because I see the pink sole, and they look like something of hers... this looks like a magazine picture. Do you know what magazine it's from? Because a lot of the times magazines put little captions in the corner that tell the brand names of everything the person's wearing.
  5. ^^ Its an outtake from Vanity Fair magazine
  6. Dang... too bad it wasn't one of the ones that was used in the magazine.. we would have struck gold!! They have to be difficult, don't they?
  7. I think this might be an old shoot, as well. From a couple years ago, when she did this photo. I could be wrong, though:

  8. I bet if you could find the gold shoes make, it would tell you the other ones make... I think this was from the same shoot, and the shoes are alike... can't tell if the gold ones have a pink sole or not though.
  9. Omg! they look soo alike! .. just need to see Kristen's shoes a but closer to see if hers have the pink lining around the shoe..
  10. I found these on the Christian Lacroix website on his 2007 spring/summer collection .. these ones don't have the pink out lining.. what does everyone think??

  11. Her shoes don't have the jeweled buckle, but it's definitely very close!