Adorable pic...but I am LIVID!!!

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  1. I wanted to share this sweet picture of my son and 1 of 5 kittens that were born yesterday. Thats the cute part. But I am soooooo angry, these babies have to homes due to irresponsibilities of our neighbor! With permission I am getting Mrs. Bill (yes thats her name) fixed myself just as soon as shes able. OY!

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  2. Your son and the kitty are both adorable. Good for you for getting her spayed. Some people are SO irresponsible it is a wonder they made it this far in life.
  3. It makes me sad when pets aren't properly spayed and neutered. But your son and the little kitty are adorable!

    Will you keep one of your neighbor's kittens?
  4. Your son and the kitten are too cute.I hope your neighbor has a safe place for momma and her kittens,away from animals that may do them harm.They should be kept indoors away from any stray tomcats or momma kitty could become pregnant while she's in the process of weaning her babies.

    Your gesture is very kind,forgive me for saying so but your neighbor should show some responsibility and common sense.

  5. ITA! Its just really sad. They are being kept indoors (for now) but I just know the cat will be out and on its own really soon.:tdown:
    We wont be keeping a kitten, my husband is terribly allergic.:sad:
  6. What an adorable pic, thanks for sharing. Shame about your husband's allergy as it looks like your little boy would love to have a kitten! I hope they all find good homes ... and good for you for putting yourself out there to stop it happening again.
  7. EEK!! So tiny and so cute!
  8. That is GREAT that you are taking the kitty to get her spayed.

    One WISHES that her OWNER would do it, but thank goodness for people like you who are willing to go above and beyond :smile:
  9. Agreed.
  10. cutee
  11. ohh hes itty bitty :shame: