Adorable keychain!

  1. NMD3916_mn.jpg NMV5643_mn.jpg p11067067_ph_hero.jpg
  2. I love the purse chain. :heart:
  3. love the first one! get it, swanky!
  4. I like the middle one-which one are you getting?
  5. I have the inclusion! I love it sooo
  6. I'm such a procrastinator about the little things. . . I probably won't get any! LOL!
    I would buy one if they'd hang them RIGHT THERE at the cash register though. . . when will they learn!?
  7. I like the one on the right. Maybe they could engrave Swanky on the one you decide. ;)
  8. I'd be all over that! LOL!

  9. ^:lol:
  10. I love the Inclusion one!!!!!! Thinking of getting one myself!!!!!
  11. Sooo cute!!
  12. the purse chain is TDF. drooling!
  13. I adore my inclusion key ring...its so CUTE!!! I think you would love it!
  14. I :heart: all three!! They are so adorable.

    Swanky..I am the same way! I am sucker for anything that they have around cash register's. :lol:
  15. They are all so cute:girlsigh:! Is the last one from the LV store?
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