Adorable Juicy keychains...still 20% off

  1. There are some adorable new keychains at and it's still 20% off for memebers of TPF.
    promotion code: thepurseforum
  2. Thanks Kodiak!
  3. I got a few for gifts for the girls who work at my grandson's daycare...they'll love them! :heart:
  4. Do you know whether you can stack the codes? their website also promotes DECEMBERSALE for 20% off. I was wondering if you can also use THEPURSEFORUM on top of it?

  5. I believe you can use either code...but not both.
  6. Coach...I checked and was told that you can only use one or the other code....
  7. still a good deal @ 20% off....
  8. Coach Fan...that bag in you avatar, is it from this year? I love it!
  9. So I went to order the key chain with the rhinestone J and it's sold out....darn! :crybaby:
  10. I went out shopping today and looked high and low for the rhinestone J luck!
    I guess I should obsess on something else....:cursing:
  11. Did you check Nordstrom?