Adorable Christian Dior Bag

  1. I'm not usually a fan of CD, but I love this!

    $840 on Elux.;)

  2. So cute...very feminine...I've always been partial to dior's saddles:rolleyes: :heart:
  3. That is cute! I'd love to pair it with a romantic top and some jeans for a breezy summer day.
  4. It's SO cute! I saw it IRL and it's even better looking!!!!!
  5. I've seen this bag IRL. It is very pretty! The whole line is very pretty! I've got my eye on the wallet from this line.
  6. i want the top dior bag... I just can't buy it right now.. not enough funds.... but that's my fav bag that I would like to get right now....
  7. Oh that's SO cute, and SO feminine!
  8. it is very cute! i love the romantique line.
  9. It is so adorable!! I agree I :heart: the romantique line too!!!
  10. I love this line too!!! I had my eye on the smaller one, very cute!.
  11. Too feminine for my taste
  12. That is very cute! I like it!
  13. cute!!!:love: