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  1. Help.....
    I just received the round Groom cles and it is really adorable. Here's the problem....I cannot fit my driver's license or credit cards inside. I thought it would be a bit bigger. I do not hang charms or cles outside my bags. What else could I use this for? I don't want to send it back until I have ruled out every possibility. Can you guys help? TIA :shrugs:
  2. What about loose change? or small notes, tickets?

  3. I agree! Would chapstick/lipstick be too big?
  4. I keep my coffee $ or $ I need easily available in my heart purses - or parking validation tickets. But I like to hang stuff on my bags.
  5. How about those grocery store savings cards? I have a TON of those and I carry them in my cles.
  6. Well... I use my mono cosmetics pouch for my lipsticks, my wallets for loose change and papers, parking ticket validations are not part of my daily life and grocery store coupons (if I have them) go in my wallet. It is looking like this piece of LV is useless for me. Oh wait..... what about for pills and meds?
  7. It really is meant to be a coin pouch... but they are adorable.. just like the hearts!
  8. Jewelry case when travelling?
  9. ITA!:yes:
  10. .. or some coins for tipping ...
  11. I was just going to say this! Use it to carry some band-aids and some pain killers or other pills. I often think 'damn it would be handy if I had some with me right now'
  12. Pinkgoldfish,

    Yes.... I am liking the idea of a "pill purse" the more I think of it. And I could throw a few band-aids into it, also. It is like those ladies in the Victorian days..... they had a little pill box for just this purpose. Brilliant! And at my age I take more than a few pills each day. So if I am out and about I can reach into my bag and pull out my little groom. Wasn't he the man in the luxury hotels at the beginning of the 20th century who catered to all the needs of the hotel guests? :jammin:
  13. It is so adorable. I know that you said you haven't hanged any charms/cles outside your bag; however, I think you should use it as a charm. It's too cute to be hidden.
  14. A med case would certainly be a cute and unique idea! Let us know how it works out for you!
  15. I bought mine because I thought it was cute and I LOVED the color on it. As for use? I don't use it haha, maybe once or twice but its actually a reasonably priced accessory... and its LE, is why I bought it.