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  1. Hi ladies, DH and I have been debating on getting our Min Pin a friend as we now have the same work schedule and he is alone while we are working. So we have finally decided that we are getting another dog and we want to adopt a Min Pin. After looking on the internet, we have found one female Min Pin that we are very interested in. I have sent in my application and now we are waiting on the next step.

    My question is, how is the adopting process and on average, how long does it take for this process to be completed? Thanks!
  2. OHH!! Im so excited for you!! I have no answers but you know I had to tell you how excited I am for you! I love looking at the minpin rescue site. There are some great pups waiting for homes. Your life is about to change! LOL, 2 is even more fun!!! Post tons of pics and tell us how its going!
  3. Thanks, I know our lives are about to change and hopefully very soon, Awesome-O will have a new friend. I will take tons of pictures of them both together and I will keep you all posted on the process.
  4. Awesome O may not be too happy at first....Violet was PISSED when Lily come home for the first time!!! She would not come near me for 2 weeks. She would leave the room if I walked in. lol And she did not like Lily at all!! But Lily would not give up, she was going to make Violet love her and they are best girfriends now!!! I can not wait to hear about your transition. OK, sorry I high jacked your thread!
  5. When we adopted our Corgi, George at the beginning of the year, the whole process took about a month. It took a lot of communicating between the doggy foster mom and us, making 100000% sure we were a good match. All worth the wait in the end, George is the most loyal and loving dog Ive ever had :yes:
  6. thaks ok, but I think Awesome-O will be fine. He loves being around other dogs and at times, I keep my cousin's Yorkie and Awesome-O just loves being around him. I think he will love having a new friend. I hope it goes fine, but I will keep you updated on the transition.
  7. Thanks Corrinne. I sent the application in today and I am just looking at my e-mail waiting for a new one to pop up t see if its the adoption agency. I think Awesome-O will be very happy having a companion with him. When my cousin's dog is over my house, Awesome-O is very happy and when he leaves he just looks out the window like he is saying, please come back and play with me. Hopefully this will be a smooth process and the two will get along fine.
  8. Wish you the best on your process...I too am looking at adopting a Yorkie from a rescue...
  9. Sinarta, it's great to hear that you are considering adoption.

    When we adopted our Aussie, the entire process took about a month. After submitting the application, they checked every single one of our references and once those checked out they called us to schedule a visit from one of the rescue volunteers.
    She wanted to meet the entire family, we live with my SO's parents and their dog Max, she also wanted to assess the property and make sure that there was enough room for the pup to exercise but also that it was fenced. She brought her three rescues with her so we could meet them and confirm that this is the breed we wanted.

    She suggested that since we already had an older male, that maybe we wanted to adopt a female to avoid any "territorial" issues. However she mentioned that it all depends ont he dog's temperament and this is not always the case.

    It was a short visit, about 45 minutes and we got a phone call the next day to let us know that she was happy with what she saw and that we had been approved. We had been in contact with the foster mom and she described Porsche's temperament and sent tons of pictures.

    From there we scheduled a date to go pick up our baby, we drove 5 hours each way from Toronto to Ottawa just to pick her up!!

    I hope this is helpful, and I'm sure some other members will have useful information to add as some of them are volunteers for rescue groups.
    Good Luck!!
  10. Bless you! what a loving thing to do.

    The time frame probably depends on the agency. We submitted an application, with our vet's name and 3 references ahead of time so we were approved before we were ready to adopt. I imagine the other posters' estimates of a month are fairly close. One agency really grilled us--people said getting a dog from them is harder than adopting a child. This last one was easy--we volunteered, donated, made personal and phone contact, had them visit our home, so they couldn't wait for us to get a dog.

    Your capability will shine, and the fact that you know the breed will ease the way. I'm looking forward to seeing your new baby min pin. They are delightful little dogs. I love large breeds, but that's a small breed I'd seriously consider having.
  11. Thanks ladies. I have not heard from the min pin adoption agency yet, but I am waiting and hope I get this dog. RenataM, this is one of the reasons why we want a female because we already have a male and I think two males in the house would be a disaster! The Min Pin that we want from what is described is very similar to Awesome-O, so I know I probably can handle her very well.

    As soon as I rear form the agency, I will let you ladies know what is the next step.

  12. Well ladies, I heard from the agency and I spoke with the owner of the agency and the doggy we initally wanted was recommend would not be a good fit for Awesome-O since she was bigger than him and I was told she is kinda aggressive and there was some weight issues. But there was another doggy that I wanted anyways and we spoke about him and she suggested he would be a perfect fit, so we are traveling to TX December 1st to meet him.

    I will let you guys know how the meeting of the two doggies turn out.
  13. ^ its such a fun journey to see what dog will pop in your life! The right one always seems to find you... and once they settle in it will feel like you have always been together. I can't wait to hear more about your adventure! I have my fingers crossed that the one you are going to visit is a perfect match! Good luck!
  14. How exciting! I applaud your choice of adopting rather than buying.