Adopting an old dog....

  1. so ive fallen for a 10 year old chihuahua mix at a local animal shelter and im tossed as to what to do. i feel like adopting her might be a good thing. i know shes old but i could give her a few good years of tlc. on the other hand, it might be a constant battle and is introducing her to a new environment really fair at that age? ive read that they can live somewhere between 15-18 years which can leave me some time with her. my bf is convinced ill be spending the next 5 years cleaning up poop and it would be a bad idea. :shrugs:

    what do you guys think?

    ohh and p.s. ive had dogs before, and surround myself by them. im an avid dog lover. but havent owned one since i was young. dunno if that makes a difference in your opinions!
  2. i say get her. i heard its not too late to have dogs trained. there are even classes that specialize in older dogs. give her a loving wont regret it.
  3. I would get her too. An old dog needs love and you sound like a great dog lover =) I'm sure the dog will be absolutely thrilled!
  4. Yep! Petsmart has potty training classes for older dogs. I find that dogs are pretty smart...i once got a dalmation when he was already 6 years old. He never pooed in our yard, he would always go behind our house in the grassy hill area and do his business. We never taught him that or even expected him to do that, but he did!
  5. Yes you should get her. Older dogs always have such a hard time getting adoopted. I have what is now considered a senior dog, and yes we spend money on him for treatment, but he gives us so much joy. There is nothing in the world that makes me happier than my dogs.
  6. Hi, I'm newer here, but wanted to chime in on this subject. You should totally adopt this dog. I adopted an older cat from my local shelter back in July '07 that had been in the shelter for at least 6 months. I was afraid, like you. But it has turned out to be a blessing to have him. He is very greatful for what he has and you could not ask for a better pet. I was afraid that he would be difficult and set in his ways, but he is great...and this is a CAT!!! I bet this dog would be forever greatful of your love and wonderful home. I hope you decide to and it turns out as well for you as it has for my family.
  7. YES!!! I'm sure your loving home would be heaven sent to that little dog. She needs someone to take care of her and appreciate her even though she isn't young anymore. And yes, introducing her to a "new environment" would be a blessing - I'm sure you can provide her with more love and attention than a shelter could. Good luck, and keep us posted!
  8. I would do it! she's middle-aged for a chihuahua and could live for a very long time. I think it would be very rewarding. :smile: and the truth is, I clean up poop all the time with my young chi's in the backyard and sometimes on the pad. A'int no thang. ;P
  9. Get the doggy! Old doggies need some lovin' too!! :cutesy:
  10. I also say go for it. Is there any reason to believe she is not trained?

    Older animals need loving homes as well and I'm sure she will bring you untold joy.
  11. My son adopted an 11 year old Chi and named him Cujo. Well, to make a long story short, Kujo is the light of his life!! A little grumpy, but delightful as can be. During the day, while my son is at work/school, his grandmother takes care of Cujo. Now my mother (his grandmother) is soooo attached to the little guy that she wants to keep him for her own!

    Yes.......definitely adopt her. You won't be sorry you did!! :yes:
  12. I think you should bring her home asap! She likely has many great years left, and what a blessing it would be for her to have a great home and be loved! :tup:

    We have several dogs, and even our nine year old is still trainable. It amazes me how quickly they pick things up--dogs want to please, and the ones we rescue--oh, the gratitude! We have a dog who was rescued from a very bad place (won't mention where in order to remain politically correct) but suffice it to say he had scars on his face, a dent in his forehead, and tufts of fur missing. That dog is a sweet, affectionate and very well trained little (okay, not so little) man now! He was homeless when he was rescued--as an adult, and he has learned very good manners for living in a house!

    There are a lot of us here who can give you training tips should you need them!
  13. I wouldn't hesitate to get her! Even older rescue dogs can adapt surprisingly well to a new environment, especially one where she knows she is loved and accepted.

    Good luck!
  14. I would get her. Older dogs need homes too and I think it would be great if she spends the rest of her older years in a loving home.
  15. Doggie bed: $37
    Doggie food: $29
    Doggie sweater: $40

    The love of a shelter dog, priceless

    Go get this dog, post pics, and join the rescue and adopt club.