Adopting a Soldier

  1. I just adopted a soldier. I went to (I am so excited)

    Any one know how much it would cost to send a package to a APO?
  2. Oh, wow. Did you get to choose a cute one?! :p

    Really though, this is a neat idea, and a lovely thing of you to do. What would you send him?
  3. I have adopted a few so far from It costs the same to send something to an APO that it would to send something out of state. The last thing was about $20 but that was a huge box of stuff since it was my first box to a new "adoptee".

    Have fun with it and if you need any tips on things to send let me know.
  4. Well, I don't know if he is cute or not. I just 'got him' and sent him email last night. I asked if he had any pictures ( I told him the kids at my work would want to see them)

    I did find a list online of stuff you could send them. I am also going to make a box and put it with a list at my daycare center and hopefully the parents can put stuff in.

    what kinds of stuff do you send?

    I was thinking:
    sample/travel sizes of soap/shampoo stuff
    baby wipes
    chips/salsa/food stuff
    ...fairly cheap stuff, but I know it will be appreciated.
  5. Shipping to APO addresses costs as much as it does to send to any regular US address since they're still a part of the USPS / Military Postal Service!@
  6. I adopted a soldier through I just got mine a few weeks ago so I haven't heard back with what he likes yet. You could send him a letter with a questionnaire to see what kinds of things he needs and would like.

  7. That is great and everything, but it is not wise to put his name or his military status on a public forum. You might want to edit that part of the post for security purposes. Have fun writing!:smile:I use to "adopt" soldiers. If you send a package, you can send non persishables and usually the sites have a listing of what to send/what not to send. Stuff like chocolate, liquids and certain foods cannot be sent for leakage and also for melting purposes.
  8. Hey thanks for doing this.My husband is Navy and I really am proud of him right now.I've never adopted a soldier but the most I've paid being his deployed right now to an APO addy is 20 bucks.

  9. YAY! My dad is also Navy!! Yay for all Armed Forces!!:smile:
  10. yeah apo is the same as regular domestic mail. it's so, so so sweet of you to do this! i feel like thanking you on behalf of all soldier's relatives... my brother just came home from iraq (whew!) and i know he's relieved to see home. i think he just liked getting things in the mail that were reminders of home (pics, candy, dvds and cds).

    just.. especially since everyone here at home is so anti-war, and b/c Bush can make some really derailing decisions (my brother was supposed to come home LAST year, and one the day they were supposed to go home, Bush decided to extend their stay for 6 more months)... it can be really discouraging to people who joined the army because they really genuinely wanted to serve their country. it's so supportive of you and everyone who "adopts" a soldier to let them know civilian Americans are behind them....
  11. Oh wow thats cool!
  12. thats such a cool and sweet thing to do. iv got a friend in afganistan right now and he is forever requesting sweets and stuff, they give them to the local kids, and crayons too.
  13. Tell your friend I said thanks on behalf of my family for his sacrifice to this country.
  14. Sorry, I did not know about putting his name down and stuff. I would have thought that the website would have like, a note that you should not put the name and whatever. I seriously did not think about that.

    But, what does PFC mean? I guess that they edited the post already, because I would have taken it off.

    On the internet it said something about APO address and that Flat Rate Priority Mail was only like, $8.00 or something. Does anyone know about that?

    Again, sorry about the security no-no!
  15. oh yeah, my mom is all crazy about like, I should rent a post office box, use a psuedo-name, don't give my address/real name etc.

    I don't really think that is necessary do you? I mean, good greif! The guys are in teh military and all. I would not think they would be crazy and try to come kidnap me? Would you? what is your thoughts on this?