Adopting a new cat...

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  1. Hi everyone! My fiance and I were at Petco last Sunday to buy food for my cat, and they were having cat adoptions there. We fell in love with this adorable black kitten, and we filled out the paperwork to start the adoption process. Fiance got an email yesterday asking for all of our pet's vaccination records, then she's all ours. My cat isn't up to date with her vaccinations so we will be bringing her to the vet this coming Saturday to get up to date with her vaccinations. Any advice on bringing a new cat into a home with a dog and a cat? My cat is 9 years old and my dog is 7 years old. We're getting married on the 21st and my fiance was going to bring his cat to live with us too (right now he's still living with fiance's mom at her house). We figure since we were approved for the kitten, we're going to bring her in first, then fiance's cat later on after the 3 pets have adjusted to each other. Any advice on introducing a new cat to 2 other pets? I'm a little unprepared for this...we kind of applied impulsiely. The girl who is fostering the kitten agreed to keep her until we get back from our honeymoon at the end of the month, and it will be good because I will be off for a week so I can keep an eye on how they all react to each other. I'm really excited to bring her home, she was adorable.
  2. Thank you for the link.