Adopting a homeless persons dog??

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  1. I was downtown with friends the other night and I saw, what either looked like a homeless woman or a very poor woman, sitting on the sidewalk, and sleeping there on the concrete was the prettiest little dog!!! it was fluffy and just had beautiful markings. Possibly a pomeranian? But my heart broke. I gave her a few dollars hoping she will put it to the dog. I even went up and pet him or her and it was so sweet.

    Now, I can't stop thinking about it. If I ever saw her again, should I offer her money to adopt the dog? I would be willing to take him to the vet right away and get him checked out...but it just breaks my heart that a sweet beautiful little dog is living out on the street...what if she doesn't feed him enough? what happens when it gets cold in winter?

    My bf says she probably would not take the money seeing as how she probably uses the dog to get money and how that is her only friend. He says she camps out near the clubs so tipsy girls like me will see the cute little dog and give her money. He even said maybe the dog was stolen.

    So I don't know...I would think $100 or 150 and the dog would have a great place to live. That night she was somewhere around my work area. I kinda want to go looking for her. My bf says just bothers me so much you guys. :crybaby:I may not go looking for her, but if fate has it and I see her again. I will certainly try and ask her.

    I'm just really sad :sad:
  2. Would you offer any person money for their pet? It seems like you have good intentions, but what you are thinking about doing is way out of line. If you really want to help the woman and her dog, try bringing her some dog food.
  3. ^^^ how is it "way out of line"??
  4. The dog is that woman's companion. If the dog appears to be neglected or mistreated, then call the SPCA. I think it is out of line to assume that the woman would part with her pet or that she is not providing properly for it, based on her appearance. You do not know what her circumstances are. Would you offer another person money for their pet? That is what seems out of line to me. And why do you think she would part with her dog? It is plausible that by offering her money for her pet, that you could be put into an unsafe situation.
  5. I'm sorry, but I thought the same. Did the dog look starved or ill? I don't think a dog will suffer living outside together with his owner. I'm sure he/she will be kept warm at night and as a dog it has fur.

    This dog has the privilege to be around his owner all day long. I have seen lots of homeless people that care very much for their dogs and the dogs are treated like dogs.

    It is nice of you to think about the dog, but from what you wrote I don't see a reason to take the dog away from the owner.
  6. i think your intentions are good, but its not really a smart idea to try to buy her pet. 1) your bf could be right and the dog actually helps her to bring in money, 2) its her companion and i doubt shed want to part with it, and 3) many homeless people are mentally ill, and it seems to me that you would be putting yourself in a dangerous situation by offering up such a thing could set an unstable mind off.
  7. If you want to help, I'm sure there are plenty of rescue centres near you with dogs with NO owners
  8. Absolutely!! :tup:
  9. An offering of dog food, if you want to help, would be best.
  10. ^excellent suggestion! I happen to read a lot of Cesar Millan's books, and he made an interesting observation about pet dogs of homeless people... many times, they are incredibly well behaved and bond very deeply with their humans (because of the way they live, they see their humans as their alpha). I think that the relationship this woman has with her dog is probably the most important one in her life, you know?
  11. mrod...I know your heart is in the right place. I agree that maybe taking her some food would be such a kind gesture. Here in Key west, the homeless people treat their animals very well. When I first moved here I was very upset by how many animals are with homeless owners, but year after year I see them and they all seem happy. I often wonder how they keep up with their shots and things...anyway, naturally my dogs like to make friends with all the homeless people when we walk at a certain beach and I normally do not mind but when some of them are stinkin drunk it does annoy me. I have a kind heart, maybe try and offer help in another way.
  12. MROD...I love your intentions, good hearted and caring!!! But this poor soul's only companion may be her little dog. Buy a bag of dry dogfood and leave it with this lady. You will be doing a good deed and I'm sure the lady will appreciate it.
  13. interesting post gypsy...that makes a lot of sense.

    And thanks so much for the suggestions guys. I must admit, the dog looked pretty healthy...the fur was nice and soft. It still makes me sad and worried, poor baby :crybaby:. I hope it is healthy and happy...beautiful little creature...But if I see her again I will bring her dog food. :shame:
  14. I understand your heart's in the right place, but I agree with others that I would bring he dog, and homeless person food. We had a homeless person who had a beautiful black and white dog who would frequent this one area. My first thought was how sad the dog must be since we associate him as a homeless also. As I saw him more, I could see how the homeless person loved his dog and the dog was so unconditionally loyal to him. The love of his dog was probabably the one thing the guy had in life and took care of him better than many owners do. I went from thinking that dog needs to be taken out of that environment to thinking how the homeless man (and me!) would be heartbroken if he lost his dog or if the dog lost him. If it looks like the dog's life is in danger or he's starving, then do what you believe is best. My guess if you did give him the money, he would make sure a good portion of it goes toward his companion's well being if what you did originally gave him was for his dog, not using him to get money for himself.
  15. You have a good heart Mrodriquez, I would worry too, believe me. I hope they will be ok. Perhaps you will see her again.