Adopting a corgi mix!

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  1. hey gals! i am planning to adopt the attached little girl named Claudine - a 1.5 year old corgi/beagle/something else mix. what can i say, i love dogs with little legs! and aren't her big paws so cutely hilarious!?

    her foster mom says she is a 'hoot' and is great with all kids and other dogs, which is important where i live! she is going to be delivered to me this saturday. i CANNOT wait, and had to share here!!! i've wanted my own dog ever since i moved into my own apartment 10 years ago, but it's only now that i have the income, stability and maturity.... and landlord's permission ;)
  2. awww...she's cute! i love big warm paws too! :p
  3. my ruby is a beagle/corgie mix!!! (short littlecorgie legs and a long beagle body! hehe)

    oh, i hope you two have a wonderful life!!!
  4. She's absolutely adorable & I love her name, too cute.
    Actually it looks as though she may have some blue heeler in her.
    Post more pictures once she arrives!
  5. Awww she is so cute! Congrats.

    My mom has a pure bred corgi. He is the best little dog!
  6. Claudine! What a perfect name for a perfect little girl! And yes, she does have nice, lovely feet. I bet she'll use them to run and play a lot!

    Congratulations!!! I bet Saturday can't get here soon enough for you!
  7. Congrats!! She's a cutie pie!
  8. she's cute! my grey has short legs too. he's so cute when he's walking fast...his legs look like a blur.
  9. YES! i was trying to put my finger on what else was mixed in there, and it looks ALOT like blue heeler! thanks for the tip!

    i love her name too - it's such a delicate, elegant name for a short, squat, big-footed little girl. so comically mismatched ;)
  10. So cute! Our two boys are corgi mixes - we have a soft spot for short legged pups too! Congratulations!
  11. Congrats! Enjoy your pooch!
  12. Maybe Claudine and Kallison's Ruby are distant cousins! I just adore Corgis, Corgi mix, whatever--they are friendly, funny, sweet, all great qualities. Lucky dog to get you for her family. Congrats to you both!! She's as cute as can be.
  13. ruby is way different color...but no denying those cute corgie legs! lol.

  14. what a sweetheart!!! thanks for the pic! little legs rule!
  15. yay for little legged dogs that melt our hearts!