Adopt a Pet @Editor's Closet for $1

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  1. If you've been considering pet adoption Editor's Closet (yes the sample sale site) maybe for you. They have puppies & kittens and $1 is much less than what it would cost if you went through the ASPCA. The also have Chic Doggie by Corrie jewelry on sale.

    Bailey & Bonnie have already been adopted.

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  2. they're all so adorable!
  3. If I didn't have 2 already (and still I'm tempted) I would be all over this. The puppies are like 3 months old
  4. what cute puppies. Too bad it is LA.
  5. :weird: i never knew things like this existed.... I guess it's a good way to promote adopting, but it might also give people the wrong idea of how cheap it is to care for one properly. Too bad I already have like 4 puppies or rather...big doggies who thinks they're puppies :cloud9:
  6. I know, I do think it is a bit weird, but then my dogs have their own MyArfie page, so who am I to judge. I just wanted to let people know.
  7. Can't believe there are so many left, then I thought it's on a invitation only site. That type sale needs to available for everyone, just my opinon though.
  8. Well, the other issue is that it is mainly California and a few New York. If they had it in other states it would be more user friendly. Also, the invitation only site doesn't exactly help either.
  9. How cute!!! Too bad they don't have 1 in my city. Plus, I already have 3. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Does it matter if they're in LA/NY? As long as you're able to travel to pick up the pet?

    I wish I could adopt Ying Yang! He looks a lot like my dog that passed away last year. :heart:
  11. Omg, pets at a sample sale site?
  12. Interesting..
    IMHO there needs to be more information about the dogs... (temperament, health, history, etc.).
    We are looking to adopt a 2nd dog but would want to get more information prior to finalizing the sale.... I also hope they 'qualify' the people that adopt.. anyone can afford $1 but can they afford a dog?