Adonia Sample-RSVP By Sept 14th

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  1. For those of you that don't live in the NY area, please feel free to shop our site and email us about any items you are interested in.
    Depending on the number of requests we have, we will try to get back to you by Sunday, September16th with pricing.
    Please note, not all items will be on sale.
    Shop now @

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  2. Thanks for posting. Since this place isn't too far from my home, I'll be sure to swing by.
  3. Great! Be sure to post pics if you buy anything. I emailed them expressing my interest in a few bags...mainly Tano since I have none. I may or may not buy any though as I just bought a Rafe on sale at ShopTwigs.
  4. Having never purchased a Tano bag, I listed numerous ones that I thought I might want to purchase. This evening, I received this email from Adrienne listing the individual prices. Should anyone be interested in these or any other bags on their website, I would recommend emailing Adrienne.

    2009 Stillwell Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11223
    Tel: (718) 265-2880
    Fax: (718) 265-2881