Adjusting Sunglass Sizes?

  1. I ordered a pair of Bvlgari 651B glasses from Sunglass Hut about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately I didn't pay attention to the frame size and they are too big and i didn't even get a chance to open the package until last Friday:shame:

    Is there a way to get them sized down at an optician? They are 125 mm and I wear 115 mm.

    I have no idea where the receipt is so I can't return or exchange:crybaby:

  2. They won't even give you a store credit?
  3. The store credit is only good for two weeks and I doubt I will have time to get something in two weeks. If I can't size em down then I'll just have to sell it it a loss but this option sucks because I really, really want these glasses :crybaby:

    I had an outfit all planned for them and everything :crybaby:
  4. Aw, well call them tomorrow and ask about a smaller size or call the optician and see what they say.

    My sunglass place always tells me to come back if I need my glasses adjusted.
  5. Do you have an optician? It should only take a moment for them to adjust it for one of their customers.
  6. Do you have a Lenscrafters near you? I bought some Coach sunglasses and went in to ask about switching them. They said to run down to Lenscrafters. They will resize your sunglasses for free if purchased at Sunglass Hut (but I didn't need any proof). They use some heating plate and then mold them to your face.
  7. thanks for the tips. I work right across the street from Lenscrafters so I'll be there tomorrow :yahoo: