Adjustable Strap - Shorter Double Strap


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Jul 14, 2010
Pardon me in advance for my ignorance as I've owned Coach bags for years but recently received one as a gift & I'm at a total loss as to how to adjust the long shoulder strap to the shorter double strap. It came with a card with instructions but I truly still don't understand. The card reads:

*"Unbuckle strap & remove entirely from bag.

* Remove leather loop.

* With grommets (metal rings) facing down, thread strap through buckle, under middle bar, and over top of buckle.

*Ensuring both strap ends are even, insert leather loop over doubled strap and push down to far end.

* Keeping strap doubled, fasten to other buckle."

There are three (3) figures on the card but I'm either too stupid to comprehend the written instructions & the figures or they're truly complicated? Hoping for the latter!

The bag is SV/Red/Mahogany & appears to read as a Signature Soft Duffle plus UPDT? No idea what this means!Also has what I assume may be an item number of F12882, if that's of any help. Inside leather authentication area lists "No HO832-F12882"

It's a fairly dark red canvas, signature design with medium brown strap, trim & zipper pulls.
I've searched the official Coach site to no avail. Can anyone help me?