Adjustable strap for your Kelly

  1. Hello Everyone,

    I was just playing around with my H bags and accessories this morning and being creative. Then, I noticed that the extra belt/strap that came with my Kelly flat could be used as a shoulder strap for my Kelly briefcase as well. I am so happy of this discovery and wanted to share it with you. The strap measures about 1.5cm in width and can loop thru the metal hooks on a Kelly either the bag or briefcase. Plus, the strap doubles as an adjustable shoulder strap as well given that it has a belt like buckle. Another H accessory, the Orion belt also has the same width and can double as a shoulder strap too. I will be able to enjoy my Kelly briefcase more hands-free since I can now carry her as a shoulder bag. Thanks JPG for coming up with innovative ideas such as the belt strap for the Kelly flat.:yes:

  2. Thank you for all this info. How are you liking your Kelly flat?
  3. I would love to see some pics.
  4. oohh, me too, J!!! I always LOVE looking at your collection!!
  5. sounds very good!
  6. :woohoo: J, pictures pls!!! Thanks!!
  7. You're welcome Tamarind. Overall, I enjoy the aesthetic look of the Kelly flat. I usually carry in a bolide pouch or the H mousepad to give the bag structure so that it stands upright.
  8. Thank you! I see exactly what you mean now... how very clever!

  9. ^that's brilliant! Gosh...I could drool over your collection all day....