Adjustable Heels...No More Buying 2 Pairs of Jeans?

  1. i've read many posts on tpf about buying two pairs of jeans so one can be worn with heels and the other with flats or sneakers...does this new invention solve that problem? i wonder...maybe if they get better designers first. what do you guys think? :yes:

    With CAMiLEON Heels groundbreaking adjustable-height heel technology, women can transform a chic 3¼-inch high heel into a stylish, walking-friendly 1½-inch low-heeled shoe, and back again, within seconds.
    Developed for women by Dr. David Handel, a practicing diagnostic radiologist with a special interest in musculoskeletal problems, the adjustable-height heel technology incorporated into every pair CAMiLEON Heels is designed to alleviate the numerous problems associated with wearing high heels for extended periods of time.
    [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]Handmade in Italy using luxurious Italian leathers and superb construction, they offer the finest in style, convenience and comfort, all in one shoe. [/FONT]

    CAMiLEON HEELS: The First in Adjustable-Height Heels
  2. interesting:idea:
    however, i wonder if they're durable for daily use?
  3. Good idea. Wonder how they work?
  4. I am so intrigued
  5. they look cool, I wonder how safe that heel is though since it seems like it folds. That would be great for me because I love heels but I have to walk alot on my commute route so when i wear heels my feet are already killing me by the time I get to school. it would be great to just beable to flip the heel up when I get there haha.
  6. They might not hold up and sounds like it might just fold over. Scary scary, don't wanna break an ankle or two. It might work in another twenty year though??
  7. This is a really good idea but I agree with some of the others - what if the heels "fold up" when you dont want them too? Sounds dangerous on stairs, escalators, etc. - dont you think?
  8. i'm afraid the heels won't last...they're not replaceable like our taps on our regular heels.
  9. This is so funny last year at school we had to advertise a product for media day - we chose this - lost though apparently it is a bad idea - whatever!
  10. Hmm, good idea but I would still prefer to buy flats AND heels :yes:
  11. Cool idea! I wouldn't buy them because I prefer to just wear my 3" heels and suffer. :lol: But I bet a lot of people would buy them.
  12. Innovative idea...but you guys are right...they look like they could collpase on you at any moment without notice!

  13. I agree!

    Also, I would be very suspicious of the arch. You would have to drastically change the arch of the shoe!
  14. Hi Ladies!

    Thanks for taking the time to post your message on this blog about Camileon Heels.

    My name is Lauren and I am the passionate CEO of Camileon Heels. It was SOOOOOO informative for me to read about some of your concerns about our shoes.

    I thought I'd post a reply in response to much of what I've read in the thread of replies and welcome any further input on concerns, ideas and thoughts you might have. Regardless, your thoughts, thus far, have been great to learn about.

    So here's some info:

    Our shoes have been developed to provide you with maximal comfort, wear, stability, function and performance. We are certain that our shoes will exceed your expectations in all of these areas.

    There are several aspects of the overall design of Camileon Heels that distinguish our shoes from all other brands and make our shoes truly extraordinary:

    Our revolutionary heel technology makes it possible for a shoe to adjust from a high-heeled position of 3¼" down to a 1½" low-heeled, walking-friendly shoe.

    To ensure your safety and the stability of the heel, our heel contains locking mechanisms for both the high heel and low heel positions and a stainless steel rod that runs through the entire length of the heel. It is because of these locking mechanisms and stainless steel rod that the heel will never break, “fold” or collapse unintentionally on the wearer when it is in its locked positions. Our heels are so strong that they can uphold over 1000 pounds per square inch of weight.

    The portion of our heel that is stowed underneath the arch region of the shoe, when in the low heel position, is actually made out of aluminum. This not only enhances the overall weight-bearing strength of the heel, but improves resistance to marring or normal wear-and-tear on the heel. Additionally, every heel is coated with 6 coats of paint, resulting in a beautiful high-gloss finish.

    While virtually every other brand of high heel shoe attaches its heel to the shoe with nails, or nails and glue, CAMiLEON Heels attaches every heel with four screws. This method of attaching the heel to the shoe makes it virtually impossible for the heel to break off from the shoe.

    We have developed our own unique foot form (known to footwear manufacturers as a “last”) to construct our shoes. This, combined with supple Italian leathers and flexible leather soles, allows for appropriate adjustments to the arch of the shoe and maintains the integrity of the arch support. As a result of this, our shoes are noticeably more comfortable than shoes of comparable heel height. This is a remarkable accomplishment in the overall design and function of our shoes, as our shoes feel great in both the high and low heel positions.

    The adjustment to heel height is made entirely without the need to remove the shoe from your foot, remove any shoe parts, or utilize any special tools. The resultant ability to vary heel height according to need or desire, and reduce prolonged wearing of high-heeled shoes incurs substantial positive effects for women who choose to wear high-heeled shoes.

    You can see for yourself how easy it is to transform the high heel to a low heel at

    I hope this feels helpful.
  15. Ooh this sounds really nice..
    need to check it out more and thanks for posting info about it D.Lauren :smile: