Adjust time for a pet moving to a new home

  1. So one of my cats went to a new home last Satuday.

    It was necessary because my other two cats picked on her too much and she was miserable. She was constantly peeing all over the apartment- a lot of times immediatly after being chased after or after being kicked off the coffee table (where she liked to hide... until she peed on it and we had to say no to her being up there.)

    My sister-in-law had a friend who's been wanting a cat for a long time, has had pets before, and understands that this cat was previously abused, needs to be an only pet, and needs lots of attention.

    It was really hard because she was my oldest pet and pretty much the first I had since I lived on my own.

    I got an email yesterday from the girl who took her and she's very concerned. Sadie is still barely eating and barely drinking. She hasn't pooped at all. She's peed once, but I don't think it was in the litter box. She seems to hate the litter box- hates the feel of the litter on her paws.

    I sent back an email suggesting the crystal litter or perhaps sawdust- something we hadn't tried because we figured her bathroom problem was anxiety and hating sharing the box with other cats.

    Now I'm worried. How long is normal for a cat to adjust to new living situations? I know it's normal for them to be reclusive for awhile, but it worries me that she's not eating.

    Is this normal? Should I bring her back home? Agh.

  2. I'm so sorry to read about your kitty! I hope she adjust to her new home soon. I don't know if you have considered this yet, but could your cat may have had poisoning from the bad pet food? I wish I could be of more help.
  3. I'm not sure I've got this right, but if she was the one you had first and then the new ones picked on her why was she the one to go?
  4. I don't know how long it takeds a cat to adjust to a new home because I would NEVER give one of my cats away for ANY reason. Sorry I can't be of more assistance.
  5. Cats are very sensitive, some are more easily traumatized than others. Moving is very stressful for anyone, including pets. I know my cats were upset even when they moved to a new house WITH me, so think of everything this poor cat is going through with a new house, new people, new smells...
  6. By the sounds of it she is a pretty sensitive cat, and so it may take her more time to adjust than normal. It's probably hard for her to be away from mommy right now and if she was abused in the past then I'm sure it is hard for her to trust new people. Hopefully she will come around, and hopefully your friend has alot of time to spend with her to help ease the adjustment. If she has to I would suggest hand feeding her. I think they need some serious bonding time.
  7. It can take a pet up to a month to be comfortable in new surroundings. It's a new home, new people, new noises and it's confusing and scary. Give it time, it will work out!!!
  8. Byt he way, if she is not eating, tell the girl to try a really strong wet cat food. Merrick makes good ones that usually works when a cat or dog is not eating their regular food.
  9. My cats were three years old when I adopted them from a local rescue. They'd been with the same foster mom for nearly 2.5 years. It took them about 2 weeks to be eating and going to the bathroom what I'd consider "normally". Beyond probably took another 2 months before they were both more comfortable with faster than the other...I made my bedroom their saferoom...and they barely set foot out of my bedroom the first 2 months..and if I was in there with them they were under the bed. They finally started to come out of their shell..and now a year later you'd think they've been with me the entire time.