Adivse Please!

  1. My Caramel city (that I've never treated) is starting to get really dirty around the trim. Especially on the bottom and sides. What to do? will the dirty look ever come out? It almost looks as if the leather is just worn away. Any help would really be appreciated:cry:

    Sorry about the typo
  2. I would use some apple guard leather conditioner (which should clean it as well), then treat it with the rain/stain repellent to keep it from getting dirty so quickly.
  3. ^ditto
  4. ITA with acegirl! Just make sure you let the bag dry completely in between coats. :smile:
  5. I've noticed on a lot of the Bbags this is a common thing- isn't is weird that the bottom of the bag stays clean and the corners get dirty!- go figure!
  6. I agree with acegirl too! BTW I think caramel is the bbag color that gets better with wear, even with dirt and all. The darkening just sort of make it look vintage-y, I :heart: it!