Adios Star or Tutti???

  1. I am planning on getting a black and white Tokidoki but I cannot decide between Adios Star and Tutti - help! :p
  2. They're both great, but you'll get more characters on tutti and dirty marks will be less noticeable. I have both prints and I love them both! (Maybe AS a little more because I have the poison apple on the front, one of my faves!) If it makes any difference, AS has a red lining while tutti has a beautiful navy lining.
  3. If I need to make a decision, even though I like both. I will go for Adios Star more. I have Adios Star luna with 21 characters. :yahoo:
  4. Tough choice. A.S. is nice because there is a splash of color here and there but it is so hard to get characters together on the same bag. I think between the 2 I like Tutti a little more, but I love A.S. too.
  5. It's tough, but I've fallen in love with tutti more!
  6. My vote is for Adios Star b/c as Angelic said I :heart::heart: the splash of color you get with the different characters! Adios Star is one of my favorite prints!! ;)
  7. I love my tutti but think that it would be kinda fun to try to get characters that you like on an Adios Star.
  8. i think it depends on what kind of person you are.. if you're not obsessed with placement (which i am) then you probably won't mind so much with adios star. i HAVE to get ones with my favorite characters.. and it's been really hard finding them at a decent price. but since i am really particular sometimes with characters and i have had no luck so far with adios star, i'd say tutti because there's almost every character on there that you can think of so it shouldn't be too hard finding SOMETHING that you like :p

    i honestly don't think there's as much white space on tutti as there is adios star..
  9. I vote for tutti.

    Because like others said, finding an AS with characters you like is sort of a crapshoot. T-T Also, there's more empty white space to get dirty.

    But my biggest reason is because I am a stickler for placement, and I fell in absolute LOVE with a section of the tutti print [it doesn't hurt that I enjoy the rest of the print too..minus the baby butt, hehe] and since the print is so big, it's like, BOOM! favorite part of the print large & in charge right on front of my bag!
  10. :biggrin: i like AS more because there a splash of color here and there~ I have a zucca and baminone and :heart: them! It is hard to get a bunch of characters on one bag though...

    I don't really like tutti because its just black and white... nothing really seems to stand out, like the characters all blend together.
  11. another vote for tutti
  12. O:huh:o. Tough one! I would have to say if there's a character you like and can find an AS with it on there, go for it!
    Otherwise I would go for the Tutti. Tuttis are so cute and you'll definitely get a variety of characters. Plus if it's a black and white bag you are looking for you can't go wrong!
  13. I'm cracking up because we are all always so useless in any kind of discussion like this...we all always end up split right down the middle....or suggesting that they get both!! :roflmfao:

  14. xD "get both" is probably the worse advice you could give somebody
  15. I also LOVE the splash of color in the AS. I hated Tutti at first, but since it has so many characters crammed together it is definitely growing on me (quickly too!). Plus, I if I buy one, I will be the psycho that adds her own splashes of color to the Tutti. I have no fear about coloring it in!!

    One consideration is bag size. Are you getting a small bag or a large bag? With the AS print you might be able to find more characters you like if you get one of the larger bags.

    So, I'd say AS. It's more vibrant!! On the other hand ...

    SisterBlue - you are so right!! Useless!!