Adios Star...June 28th... Seattle Outlet

  1. I've been emailing with Kelly and she tells me that Adios Star should be in on June 28th! I have my Caramella on hold!!!!!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:
  2. oh man...SO tempted to find me the perfect adios star MM! but it sucks cuz its so easily dirtied...i used my adios star ciao ONCE and it already had marks from rubbing against my clothes...luckily i was able to get most of it out w/ Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser...but it definitely makes you have second thoughts about adios star :[
  3. Yeap, I've been thinking the same thing too. I saw a lot of Adios Star in Macy's and they are all dusty/dirty. Imagine that, just displaying it will get it dirty, I can't imagine using it. That's the same concern I have for the Tutti print.
  4. My zucca is filthy but it's one of my most favorite bags ever :heart:
  5. I use my Adios Bambinone and Zucca pretty often and they are not dirty at all. Maybe it's the Scotchguard?
  6. I have scotchguarded all my bag but even the Foresta Ciao & Pirata Ciao are dirty from all the rubbing against my jeans..
    Maybe I have to scotch guard them several layers ? I did that but the print will look kinda dusty.
  7. It must be a well worn, beat up Levi's thing (my jeans) versus new, dark, trendy jeans thing (not my jeans).

    I have never had any of my jeans (or any other clothes!) rubbing off on my bags or anything else.
  8. Ooh @ the Mr Clean Magic Erasers! That's a good idea! Those things are great! I'll have to try that on my Adios Star Zucca!
  9. wow Adios Star in the outlets ... should I? shouldn't I?
    hrm .. we'll see I guess ... :biggrin:
  10. awwww I wonder if I should've waited...

    NAAAW I heart mine MM ;) Altho I wanted a zucca or stellina first... any knews on the pirata tho?

  11. Oh ya.... I love the pirata print!!! My husband and I always stay at Treasure Island when we go to Vegas. We'll be there for our 5th anniversary this August!!! Only fitting if I carried a pirata!!!!!!:greengrin:
  12. I got the Adios Star Stellina (A.S.S.) deal of the century this week at my Macy's here in Nashville! I bought several of them through Macy' last month and decided I didn't LOVE any of them enough! The other day, an S.A. in the men's dept. was helping me out by going to another floor to get boxes for me and she told me to go to the handbag dept. because they were having a big sale! (She was admiring my paradiso camp) So....I went over there and rummaged around a bit with NO intentions of buying any bags because I have more than I know what to do with NOW and .....there in the clearance section were 3 of my returned A.S.S.'s!!!!! Marked down to $44 ! ! ! Then, they had 40% off that day, ...and it rang up $26 + tax! WOW! Jackpot! I got to repurchase one of the ones I almost kept and for $29 w/tax! That was just tooooo weird! I guess that's why they don't sell these bags in my part of the country....nobody wants 'em but ME ! :roflmfao:actually 2 of the bags did over a month! So anyway, that's my incredibly strange and exciting story. I can't believe I bought another bag! But how could I not?:heart: I just sprayed the heck out of it today....hopefully that will help keep it clean! I don't mind it getting too dirty for that price!:wlae::tup: The funny thing is...I get compliments on my bags every time I go anywhere! Granted, I don't go anywhere much lately! I guess people like them but not enough to pay that much $$:confused1: I went ahead and helped spread the toki love somewhere else...I picked up the other two for my toki friends here on the forum.
  13. I ordered some bags from the Seattle outlet yesterday but I thought the SA that helped me told me July 13th (?) as to when pirata would be there. Don't quote me though.

    Annie b - What a fabulous deal!
  14. I had an email from April who's the store manager..she said the 28th on my email...but maybe its changed?
  15. I've got a an adios & bianco stellina from SH on hold. They can't sell them till the 29th, but I'm pretty excited. I was always worried about buying an adios and getting only adios stars & no characters. So this way at least I knwo what I"ll be getting.