adios star in bambinone or zucca?

  1. Is it too difficult to get good placement for AS on a bambinone (b/c it's so small)? I love Bastardino and Polpettina, the latte, & the koi fish.. but I'm willing to settle for a few of those if I could find them on a Bambinone. I hate to call the SH outlet and be a big pain though... Everyone seems to love Zuccas but I don't think I like the shape and also they are more expensive... I've never had anything but giocos, so it will be a first for me either way- bambinone or zucca... I think I want to try bambinone but what do you girls think about the placement problem???
  2. I have a bambinone (paradiso) and I think it's great. Umm with placement it might be hard to get a lot of characters BUT you never know.

    Someone here posted that they saw a girl on the train with an Adios Star zucca that was chock full of characters and I never thought that was possible. Also, on eBay I saw a AS zucca with a lot of characters on it and I was like WOAH!

    So if you call up SH and tell them what you want, you might actually have a pretty good chance of getting what you want.
  3. I :heart: the zucca so that's what gets my vote but if you want the bambinone go for it. It might be a little harder to get a lot of characters on the bambione b/c it's small. I know I was looking for a good bambino for my sister (they're almost the same size) and I couldn't find one with more than 1 character. If you call the outlet though they probably have a decent amount of stock so you might get lucky.

    I also had a lot of trouble finding an AS caramella w/characters on it. I went through about 45 of them at Lesportsux in Las Vegas...they were all adios stars :cursing: so frustrating. I ended up with one w/3 characters on it...:tup:
  4. I think AS would look nice on either a zucca or a bambinone...idk the bambinone is bigger than I thought it would be though haha..maybe you can get the characters you want :smile: I still haven't seen a full swatch of that...

    Does SH still have Adios Star Zuccas? I guess I have to call or email and ask haha. I am hoping I make alot of money this paycheck so I can get one lol...if my bf says so hahahahha.
  5. I don't know if SH has the Adios Star Zucca but that is the most awesome bag of all the bags IMO! :love:

    My BF actually got a little mad that I was buying (actually he was buying me) new tokis and I was still using my Adios Star Zucca. Once Spiaggia got here i had no choice but to use it or else i was afraid he was going to stop buying me bags....but once I get them all I'm going back to using my adios star zucca especially now that it looks brand new thanks to Mr. Clean and his magic eraser!

    Good luck Jess, I hope you get one!! :graucho:
  6. Thank you JenY, I hope I get one too haha. Ever since I saw Brandee's one (tokidokilover) I was :drool:
  7. I saw a quite a number of AS Bambinone in Macy's a while back and I couldn't find one that have that many characters on them. I think it's the cutting of the fabric to make the bag, it's really rather small and I guess the AS print itself has very limited colorful characters all placed closely.

    I was the one who posted abt the perfect Zucca I saw on the subway. I simply can't believe it's possible, but the girl got the best print cut ever and I don't know how many of the same placement is available.
  8. idk i won't be willing to settle for a AS that doesn't have the latte & the rainbow that's all i know lmfao...i just care about that...well, the more color the better hahaha. Watch, I'll end up with a bella hahhahahhah.
  9. I like the bambinone, nice size for everyday and also traveling. but placement is a problem, esp for the AS. I think if depends if you find one that has the characters you's really hard to find AS with more than one character you like.
  10. I know!! I love that little latte :smile: and the fishy... and Bastardino!
  11. i have an AS zucca and it has a good amount of characters, my ideal placement, but it has latte's sandy polpettina and bastardino on it as well as other characters i didn't even have a preference for!
  12. i bought both i like the zucca better xD my bambinone isnt bad though, it has the adios baby, apple, bastardino, candy, and 2 nano stars. all are full and not chopped :huh: and the baby adios is front center
  13. zucca... purdy