Adios Star Ciao ??

  1. Would those of you with an adios star ciao mind posting pics of them in this thread? :graucho: I absolutely :heart: seeing the different placements on this bag and I'd love to see what everyone has. Thanks!!

    Mine's on its way from Southampton and I'll post a pic when it gets here.
  2. i know yours is going to :rochard: im jealous!!
  3. Here's mine from the Seattle outlet.

    ciao1.jpg ciao2.jpg
  4. ciaos are so cute! :biggrin: I'm sure your AS ciao is gonna be awesome!!
  5. Did you order it because there are lattes on it? :p
  6. Yours is super cute Angelic. Thanks so much for the pic! :love:

    Nyshopaholic - I ordered it b/c Robotkitten let me use her pirata ciao in Disney and it's a great bag for the essentials ANDDDDD adios star is one of my favorite prints because it's black and white and YESSSSSs because lattes!!!!! :drool:

    I just love seeing everyone's prints b/c all the bags are so different! :graucho:
  7. Heres mine :smile:
  8. vmasterz - Like your Ciao! You got a lot of characters considering the size of the bag!:tup:
  9. thanks!! i like yours too!! you got a real good placements than mine!! :drool: :lol:
  10. heres mine :]
    DSCN0961.JPG DSCN0962.JPG
  11. momo i like yours!! i see blue latte!! cute!
  12. :drool::drool::drool: Thanks everyone for posting. I :heart: all your ciaos. Man they are so cute!! Mine will be here on Thursday :cursing: I don't wanna wait that long but I have no choice. When I get it I'll post pix! :graucho:
  13. Can't wait to see it!:tup: I :heart: this print, just wish the characters were not so spread out. Makes it hard to get more than 1 or 2 favorites on a bag.
  14. for some reason i think AS is cutest in a ciao :] i've only used mine once but it's such a cute and handy bag, i really should use it more! too bad the one time i used it, the back kept rubbing against my jeans so it got stained...thank GOODNESS for Mr. Clean's Magic Eraser!