Adios Star Canguro

  1. For those of you who is wondering how a canguro look on. I worn it off to the side because it look more stylish this way and that's going to be the way I'll be wearing it. Let me know if any of you want to see a pic of it worn straight cross the front.
  2. cute!!! I didn't ever consider getting a canguro but now... :rolleyes:
  3. That looks great on you! I purchased one in Paradiso but then returned it because I thought it just looked weird on me. But maybe it was the print? Or maybe it was just me. Who knows, gotta reconsider now!
  4. omg it looks so cuteee on u! I've been thinking of getting one but I worried I cant put my wallet in a canguro. My wallet is around the size of a denaro but thicker. do u guys think it will fit? Do u put ur wallet in ur canguro qtiekiki? I'm worried it will look wierd if i put a thick wallet in canguro
  5. yeah i was thinking of getting this style too but i would have to question like wallet is kinda big and idk if would look weird too lol
  6. cute!!!
  7. cute placement too! I like the killer candy on it's own little flap and the rainbow in cool. The one that lesport has a picture of isn't that good. Yours is way better... I have a canguro in citta rosa I only wear it off to the side. It doesn't look as good across the front.
  8. cute!
  9. It's adorable...thanks for the pic!

    The canguro must be in Macy's computer w/the wrong price b/c I went there last night and I was scanning everything like a maniac and nothing rang up on sale. The canguro was scanning at $81 instead of $108 and it didn't say I think someone entered it in the system incorrect! If you want one, head to macy's fast!!
  10. i think that is sooooo cute!! And as far as the wallet issue, I would just take the things you need and put them in the first big pocket. Just keys and cash and your cell phone. I really want one in pirata, but looking at yours adios star looks too cute!!
  11. Wow very cute..
  12. cute, but that is not my style.
  13. I wouldn't put a wallet in it. It's not really made for putting in a lot of bulky stuffs. I haven't use it yet, but I got it for when I don't want to carry too much (just license, cc, phone and cash) or when I need to be handfree. My wallet will definitely not fit in it.
  14. well i guess its not for me...i feel naked without my wallet lol ..
  15. That is cuter off to the side! I got a Toki doki one for Christmas, and I felt it looked too much like an apron... I'll try it to the side and see if I like it better! I wanted to use it for when I go on walks and don't need to carry a handbag, just a little cash and my cell phone.