Adios Star Campeggio or Buon Viaggio

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  1. I have 1 of each sitting in my bedroom now. Can't spend too much, so can only keep one of them. Which one should I keep? Both placements are good. Do you think campeggio is too big? I have tote style bags...but none in toki. Already have a ciao ciao which I really LOVE! Help!
  2. I am voting for BV!
  3. I think a BV in Adios Star might be easier to maintain if that is a concern for you. A campeggio hangs lower so it may get some color rubbed off from your pants or surroundings just from the way it's positioned and carried. I have an Adios Star MM...haven't used it yet but figured for me at the time it was between that and a Stellina.
  4. You should post would help me decide anyway. :smile:
  5. I guess I'll keep the Campeggio for now. Probably give the BV as a gift to my cousin. The BV has a better shape, but I have tons of totes in my bag storage alraeady...
    Thanks for your suggestions!