adios star campeggio/AS in general-will it get too dirty??

  1. so i am hecka lemming a campeggio. i have no clue as to why i feel like i *need* a campeggio, but i just know that i must have one!

    and i've been wanting an adios star bag for some time just because i :heart: adios and coz i think the other characters intermingling with the stars is just too fun. the only thing holding me back is the massive amounts of white. for a bag like a gioco or a zucca that hangs close to the upper body, this wouldn't be a problem... but since i'm thinking of getting a bag that would hang at my hip i'd have to worry about my pants rubbing on it.

    does anyone have an adios star stellina/campeggio/ciao ciao/etc that hasn't gotten a jean mark on it? would it help if i did multiple layers of scotchguard???

    thanks guys!

    technically, i'm still on a no-buy, but if i get a job before i move then i can buy one thing with my bonus from my current job. ^_^
  2. I have never seen a jean's mark on any of my bags, not even my Adios Stars. In fact the whole comcept of a jean mark boggles my mind. Just what kind of jeans do you guys wear that continue to fade color after they are washed??????
  3. I've had brand new jeans leave color on the vachetta of my LV... but I haven't worn my Toki's enough yet to see anything happen.
  4. i've heard about people having problems with jean marks and that's one of the reasons why i was afraid of getting the amore ciao ciao (bc of the light color). i'm assuming the jean marks could be from new jeans that haven't been washed yet? i've yet to have any of these marks on any of my bags. :hrmm:
  5. I have jean mark problems w/ my amore... I haven't used it in a while because of that. Then again I don't scotch guard? and no it's not from new jeans and not from dark jeans only I don't think :sweatdrop: it's just from jeans in general... I used the sol stuff in another post tho and it worked wonders! :smile: magic eraser didn't dent the spot tho :sad:
  6. ok here is my experience

    Pirata campeggio

    the back gets dirty :sad: makes me sad
    and i wear jeans and usually darker

    so i think campeggio in adios star would be a not so good idea

    perhaps a stellina? and wear it higher
  7. I have a stellina and I haven't bought clothes in a LONG time (meaning all the ones I wear have been washed a bunch), but I do tend to wear dark colors (both on top and bottom). I Scotchguard all bags I get, the minute I get them, and I still have a slightly dark area on the back of the bag. :sad:

    It gave me a bit of anxiety at first, but I've gotten over it. I try to see it as something that makes it MINE. :smile:
  8. i wear all dark colors too..

    maybe i should forget about getting a stellina in bianco haha...
  9. I think it depends on how you care for them and how aware of your surroundings you are... but out of all the Adios Star items I've seen being worn (which was only a handful), every single one was dirty on the front. I saw a couple during the night and I could still see how dirty they were, so that's pretty bad...
  10. that is what i am afraid of, maya. however, i am pretty careful with my toki bags.... i'm really thinking about it. i def dont want another stellina, its too small. maybe a zucca???
  11. The zucca is cute with the Adios Star print if you get the well-placed characters on it, in my opinion. Two of the dirty AS bags I saw were zuccas... I guess the more fabric, the more there is to get dirty.

    That's the main reason why I don't want an AS zucca. I think it's cute and I naturally take extremely good care of my belongings, but if someone bumps into me or something happens I'm afraid it'll get dirty. And once a bag is dirty or has a noticable mark on it, I won't use it. :tdown:
  12. I have a adios ciao, zucca, campeggio and stellina ... none of the bags have jean marks. It might have to do with the brand of jeans one wears that may be the cause of the marks. All of my jeans are either GAP or Old Navy ... I have never had any of those jeans run off on bags, other clothing, etc ...
  13. I haven't had that happen either? I bet the jeans that rub off are the kind that have a special "wash" to them that fade as an effect? I have a pair of those but don't wear them often. I generally wear lighter colored clothes and I spray "protect all" on all of my bags before I ever use them. I say if you really love the print and the bag style, go for it and spray it 2 or 3 coats before it leaves the house, and then just pay attention when using it!
  14. I would love an Adios Star zucca or campeggio but I am so afraid of rub off ... I have to get moving and buy some kiwi protect all!!! oh and wait for the outlets to stock up the adios star .. lol

    ETA: yay ... 1000th post :biggrin:
  15. i went to macys this weekend and saw lots of adios bags that looked almost grayish-white. it made me change my mind about getting it real quick.