Adios Star Bags

  1. Does anyone have any pictures of any Adios Star bags? I know mj-select use to have lots of pictures but they aren't there anymore.:push: I would like to see the characters on the print. Thank you :smile: .
  2. you can check for it on eBay..:biggrin:
  3. True, true. I guess since I'm not an eBay buyer, I kind of forgot I could have used that:sweatdrop: . ._. Thanks vmasterz!:yes:
  4. You can see pics of all the bags in Pirata, Adios and Bianco on the LeSportsac website.
  5. I've already done that and the specific three characters I want on my bag aren't displayed on the images of the bags. I'm looking for a picture because I plan on using it to email a store asking if they have those specific three characters on the Adios Star Print bag otherwise I wouldn't be interested. I think vmasterz was right, my best bet would prolly to keep checking the auctions on Ebay and just save a picture from one of them that has the characters.
  6. Which characters are you looking for?
  7. The section with the two cactus dogs.

    I emailed the store and they were like the characters are no where near each other. But I thought they were right next to each other so I'm trying to find a picture of that to find out whether I'm wrong or they are. = =
  8. :welcome: so have you decided on what style you want to get ?
  9. man...seeing that zucca makes me want to hold out and not keep this my stellina worth keeping just because I got a really good price? I mean the baby is on there...just barely and bastardino is not...nor is polpettina...but pink latte is on there....I love the stellina style. What to do?:confused1:
  10. I WOULD LOVE A ZUCCA LIKE< THAT< BUT IT"S SO HARD WITH THIS PRINT>>>>whoops...something's wrong with my keyboard
  11. I want a Stellina and a Dolce:yes: . But that Zucca looks nice too and makes me kind of think I should get one of those instead :push:
  12. I want that zucca! :drool: but I think I want a adios dolce... I use dolces more anywhoo :smile: