Adios Star - 50% off - Seattle (Northgate) Macy's

  1. Adios Star is 50% off at the Northgate Macy's. They had a few giocos and buon viaggios, a campeggio and a couple of ciao ciaos left. They're against the back wall, not in the Tokidoki section (although there was one AS portatelefeno there).
    I was told by an SA at the downtown Macy's that their stock of AS would be 50% off today, too. They didn't have very much the day I was there (Tuesday), however.
    No additional discount with Macy's card.
  2. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I just called in and ordered a Ciao Ciao and Campeggio! 50% OFF! WOOHOOOO!!!!! Love you devila! Can't thank you enough for the EXCELLENT INFO! Muahs!
  3. I kinda want one but I am not dying for one... I am still like :shrugs: for it... Nah I can live without it.. Plus I cant buy it without knowing what it looks like. Also my hubby will kill me because I just ordered a Pirata Campeggio and Inferno Bocce. So my hubby will KILL me if I order another one... But thanks for the heads up...:tup:
  4. ooo does the AS not sell well there or ?
  5. You're welcome, pinkpeony. Glad you found something you "need." ;)
    Always happy to share the Tokidoki goodness. When I saw the sale sign I immediately thought of TPF - only you guys understand the sheer thrill of getting Tokidoki at half price!
  6. Hey can they apply those discounts at other Macy's? I just posted on the 'Toki's in San Diego' thread their inventory for today. That would be cool if they matched the discounts!
  7. I'm not sure how well Tokidoki does at Northgate; it's not my usual hunting grounds. I just happened to be at Target, which is across the street, and thought I'd stop by. The mall itself is undergoing some major renovations - maybe that's scaring away shoppers?
  8. I'm not sure if the discount can be applied at other Macy's, but it doesn't hurt to ask. Thanks for the inventory check!
    Oh - Northgate Macy's also has Famiglia in stock. Ciao ciao, stellina, zucca. Maybe gioco? They're next to the Tokidoki display, in the Harajuku Lovers section.
  9. O__O dang, 50% off...too bad I'm on ban.
  10. :drool: what a saving.. i wish i lived in the USA :p i always thought AS as a versatile gals are lucky..
  11. boy..i am glad i am not into this print. haha...50% is such a good deal!!
  12. :p I have been thinking of purchasing the AS print once they are 50% in the outlet but this is much better. I was just taking my chances to see if the prints are excellent. The SA who helped me is an absolute doll, she even took my print placement request and found me the ones with the most colorful character. She called me on my cell to confirm once she got the print I wanted. How's that for great service? I can't wait for them to arrive to see what I got.

    Does anyone know if I can return the bags purchased in Seattle's Macy to the ones in NY? I mean, they are basically the same company. Just preparing for the worst case scenario, if the bags didn't turn up to be what I wanted?
  13. you should be able to return at any macys store. too bad the SAs in NY aren't as helpful as the one who helped you. everytime i call the handbag department at heralds sq., the phone just rings and rings. no one ever picks up. same crappy service in the store too, they'll always tell me to scan the item for a price check to see if it's on sale :tdown:.
  14. I actually did call Herald Square today to find out if Tokidoki is on sale. You're right about them ecny, I was on hold for about 15 minutes before some lady took my call and asked me what I want. When I asked her if Tokidoki is on sale, she put me on hold again until another lady answered.

    As predicted, Tokidoki are not on sale, just the regular ones at 40% off. She sounded really irritated so I just thank her and hung up.
  15. ^^ at least u lucked out with your ciao ciao and campeggio at 50% off! it's an awesome deal!