Adios qees not really qees?

  1. Please forgive me if this has already been discussed, but are the adios 'qees' just lesportsac keychains? It doesn't look like its a collaboration between Toy2r anymore... It doesn't really have a qee type body, and they took the part out of the booklet on the chain that talks about collaborating with that company. Does anyone know why they are just keychains now and not the qee keychains? I wonder why Toy2r didn't design the new qee for tokidoki and lesportsac? Hm.
  2. i never even thought of that. maybe that collaboration was scheduled to end before the collaboration with lesportsac and that's the reason for the new "qees." :p
  3. I did notice that these were not Toy2R qees. Maybe LeSportsac just designed their own for the last few prints.
  4. Yeah, I did notice that the book was only about the bags when I was looking through them in NYC. I didn't really put two and two together, though... weird~
  5. I noticed that when I got my Tutti BV... the head is much larger, the limbs don't move and it feels less substantial, plus no card about Toys2r.

    I wonder if they will create different ones for that last two bags, keep Adios or include any at all. I wonder why they have not shown a Qee on any of the bag shots of Transporto. :shrugs:
  6. I think I saw on a pic of a Vacanze bag that the adios qee was there... so I have a feeling they won't change when the last two prints come out~
  7. Yup, I saw the same pic.
  8. Yup its not by its not really a qee, I was mentioning it to TokiJen the other day that it seem odd to be a qee (arms/legs different n dont move). Even the packaging does not mention toy2r...and if you didnt notice the adios qees seem to feel hollow/lighter than regular qees ...but nonetheless i still like it because its totally different from the while ol' boring ones :lol:
  9. I agree. I still love it because it's something different from that awful white qee that I am so sick of and own a full drawer of.:p
  10. I just don't like that his head is heavier than his body because he looks like he's doing a friggin' nose dive on my bag...
  11. me too. it's nice to see something different on the toki bags:tup:. i rotate my 1 white qee on all my bags and don't use um on my denaro's, so i to have a drawer full of those white qees also.

    to bad they won't come out with new qee's (or whatever u call um now) on the transporto or vacanze. i was hoping for a xmas theme qee:sad: on Vacanze.
  12. Hahah, yeah. He looks like he's trying to pull a Superman. I've considered attaching some pieces of metal to his feet to balance him a bit. Regardless, I still love the adios qee, even if it's not Toy2R.
  13. I kinda wish it was an adios qee that was still really a qee... the bodies on the 'qee' type keychains are more in proportion, and I love how the parts move... But that's ok, like you've all said its nice to have a change of pace.
  14. i love this new qee, but has anybody taken him off & stood him up? he's head-heavy, always falling over. that's no fun for display purposes...
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