Adios Qees accompanied bags when??

  1. Was it this last fall that the Adios qees replaced the white bear (I always immediately remove them and store it so i can't remember)? With what collection? Transporto? Tutti? Was it on Spiaggia?

    Thanks for the help! My brain is mush..
  2. the Adios Qee started with the Tutti Print. Famiglia was the last collection to have the white qee bears.
  3. That's what I wanted to confirm. Thanks!

    So why do I see Spiaggia and Citta Rosa w/adios qees BNWT???
  4. The original white qees were probably lost or stolen off the bags at the store they were purchased from, so the seller replaced them with Adios keychains.
  5. I havent' seen Spiaggia w/ Adios (unless they switched the qees) and they have Citta Rosa in the DFS Galleria Stores and they have Adios Qees on them.
  6. See, what gives? I swear they're still bringing it in from the factory.

    1. DFS Galleria would not have 'old' stock..too many Japanese shop there daily.
    2. and why is CR in qty still on the shelves this many seasons later AND with the adios qee?

  7. Honestly, I have never seen a Japanese tourist here in Hawaii with a Tokidoki bag...or maybe I am blind. I don't think they like it - most of them buy regular Lesportsac bags. & I think it was left over bags that were just shipped to a small re-release, but who knows. But yes, the CR here do have the Adios qee...and it is real...
  8. ^^i notice the SAME thing. whenever i'm at LSS it's busy with a lot of Japanese tourist! They buy a lot of the regular LSS stuff. I've NEVER seen them every buy a Tokidoki Bag.
  9. Me too, until the last time I was at the Galleria and 3 different sets of Japanese nationals were purchasing Tokidoki.