adios/ciao shirt!

  1. ok so my sister told me to file a claim on that seller that sold me the fake toki shirt with paypal to cover my butt in case I shipped the shirt back to him and then he said he didn't get it. SO I filed the claim and I put in there that it was counterfeit and he charged me excessive shipping (he charged me for priority mail then shipped it first class).

    So tonight I look and he escalated the dispute to a claim and is saying that he did the right thing in offering me money back minus shipping (well not really IMO cuz if I had known it was fake in the first place, I would not have bid on it and therefore wouldn't be out the money for the item and the shipping, right?) AND he says for paypal to look at my auction for a toki purse and that I'm the crook cuz of what I'm charging for shipping.......what a f-ing ass! I clearly stated in my auction that the price for shipping included priority shipping AND insurance and that these are actual quotes from usps due to the rate increases. I don't charge handling (which he said he does - I paid $7 priority shipping, he mailed it 1st class which cost him $1.35 and he said he would only refund me $3 cuz of his handling that means he charges $2.65 for that - I DON'T CHARGE A HANDLING FEE) so who's the crook?? whatever!

    Oh and then he goes on to say that he wants to close up his eBay account cuz he's so mad and that he can't cuz he's disabled and has to feed his kid! OMG give me a break!!


    I'm so ticked off right now. He needs to be reported on his fake toki stuff:

    these are the new rates for usps:
    flat rate boxes are $9 then insurance went up, so it's $2.50 for an item over $100. The guy at the post office said if you use your own box to mail stuff in, they will charge you more for it due to the size of the box regardless of weight, so to start using the priority free boxes. Oh and they are getting rid of all those other size boxes and just doing flat rate envelope or flat rate boxes.
  2. I'm sorry! What an @ss:cursing:
  3. Aw man... I'm so sorry!! Well, I hope you keep fighting this because he is wrong!! Offering some money back doesn't turn something fake into something authentic!! And the point with shipping is that he lied about how he shipped. A person can charge $50 for shipping and it won't matter as long as they don't indicate HOW they send it... I think it sucks, but it's not lying of any kind. But he LIED about how he was shipping the item so that he could make several extra dollars.

    FIGHT IT!!
  4. I know! My sis said if he lies about his shipping then he might lie about getting the shirt back if I did send it back then I'd be out the $$$ and the shirt! Damn I hope paypal realizes this guy is a counterfeiter/liar and claims in my favor!!

    I just reported him on his two BLANK supposed toki shirts that they were fake.......I hope they get pulled. But I think to get pulled, more people have to report him.
  5. Make it signature required when you send it back. I'd definitely pay a couple $ for the assurance that he receives it back!!

    I also just reported those two blank shirts!
  6. gee tracy, im sorry for showing it to you in the first place...
    never thought anybody made fake tees or that it'd turn out to be such a disaster :sad:
    hope you get your $$$ back
  7. Man Tracy, this truly sucks. I'm sure paypal will rule in your favor. They have to, it was a fake shirt, come on now!! GRR. I reported those two blank "tokidoki" shirts. I am not 100% sure about the other ones so I didn't do those. Could it be that this guy is an idiot and has some real and some fake shirts and thinks they're all real?
  8. spacytracy.. FIGHT IT!!!!
  9. What do the fake shirts look like? How could you tell they were fake, were they really obvious?
  10. This is why I'm afraid to buy on eBay. I would have to rely on everyone on this forum to tell me what is authentic and what isn't.

    Tracy, I'm glad you are fighting this and I hope everything goes in your favor. Keep us posted please.
  11. ok so I haven't heard anything yet........not sure if that's a good sign or a bad one........:shrugs:
  12. tracy - I am having a similar problem with this same seller.

    I had not seen this thread earlier or I would have commented.

    I bought a harajuku lovers tshirt from him and he sent three - all with HOLES!!! he sent extra tshirts because there was a mixup in the size, the listing said large and he had a medium. I said that was fine. He sent a medium all right, but it had holes in the sleeve!! the two other shirts (also harajuku lovers) had holes too. I don't think they are fake, but come on... the listing was for a new tshirt and this is total misrepresentation!! :cursing:

    I filed a claim with my CC (I paid thru paypal w/my cc) but they said it might take 30 days to resolve!! maybe I should file a paypal claim too?!

    PS - he pulled the same shipping scam on me too - charged for priority and used first class
  13. I would file a paypal claim too. I think if he has two claims out that we both would get it filed in our favor since it obviously is the seller that's a schmuk!

    Make sure you fill out:
    ITEM DISPUTE: significantly not as described then it will take you to another page where it gives you all these options. But item not new or damaged or whatever seems to fit that category but then ALSO make sure you put EXCESSIVE SHIPPING. Then state in your comments what's wrong w/the shirt, he sent you the wrong one, then sent them w/holes AND that he claimed and charged your for priority shipping then sent them first class which is a huge price difference in shipping. You can get the exact price he paid for first class from inputing the info at the usps shipping calculator site.
  14. HAZELNUT, check your pM.
  15. O__O dang you guys that sucks :sad: Maybe even though the shirts cost more, you should buy from a store like JapanLA or something and stay away from evilbay.