Adios/Ciao Ciao TEE SHIRT!!

  1. OK so I got my tee shirt today from eBay and I think it's a fake!!

    I have two other toki items, one tee and a hoodie and both have silky white tags on the side of the shirts and they say MADE IN USA. This one has an ugly paper tag at the neck and says MADE IN MEXICO. Also I wear an XL in these shirts and they are loose. This one is a XL and tight!!

    Oh and to top it off, the seller charged $7 priority mail which was in the listing and the JERK shipped it first class...............which was only $1.35!! What an A$$!!

    So whoever owns this shirt, can you take a look at it and see it the tags look like this.........if not, I'm filing a claim w/paypal!!

  2. oh and aren't they supposed to have the rhinestone skull on them?? MINE DOESN'T
  3. yikes!! I was even thinkin of buying one on eBay??? maybe i should hold off... i hope yours isnt a fake!...:push:
  4. I have the Adios n' Ciao Ciao shirt and not only is it tight in XL on me, but it has no rhinestones on it...and I bought it at Metropark...can you take a picture of the front?
  5. but does your tag look that the one I posted??
  6. here's a pic of the front:

  7. Adios loves a crackhead... Hahahaha. It was a lot funnier saying it to the bf. *lol* She's got a crack on her head - crackhead!
  8. Is it just me or is yours missing the brown between Adios' eyes, and the swirl on the skull pop? Also the skull pop appears to be a lighter color...
  9. Yup... It's different than the one on the Oshun website!!
  10. :lol: I never thought about that!
  11. sorry, I took that pic with the flash on, so it didn't show up. Here is a new pic and also a pic of my other toki shirt tags...........they are on the side and to the right of it is a smaller tag that says the size on it.

    tokitee.jpg othertag.jpg
  12. other shirt's tag:

  13. My bf said that maybe it's a hidden message in the shirt... Since Adios, death, loves Ciao Ciao, who is a crackhead... If you love crack, you'll die. *lol* It's an anti-drug shirt!!
  14. hmm? your shirt looks like the picture maya posted? so it could be real? :shrugs:

    Maya: haha! your bf is smart!! :graucho:

  15. nah, I just spoke to Tammie over PM and her tags looks like the one I just posted where it's located at the side and says designed in italy, made in usa.

    Crap, what should I do?? Contact the seller first or just go straight to paypal?? I have a feeling this seller is gonna be a butt considering he already ripped me off in the shipping.........also is there a way to contact eBay or paypal about that? I mean if your auction stated you ship priority and you mail it first class, that's fraud (??) :shrugs: