Adios & Ciao Ciao T-shirt

  1. Does anyone have any clue where I might find this t-shirt? I preordered from Tobi in JUNE and it's still not in :cursing:
  2. might have some left
  3. Thanks they only have size Small :sad:
  4. What size are you looking for? I'll keep an eye out for you :smile:
  5. XL, thanks so much. I've been wanting this shirt forever and ever! I keep missing it. I'm supposedly preordered w/tobi but who knows when they'll get it in. They never respond to my emails! :push:
  6. me 2, I ordered when Tobi first launched its website, but they said its backordered. I hope they didnt' charge me for it first. Have you tried contacting the customer service?
    I totally gave up!!
  7. I ordered a couple weeks ago from the Tokidoki site. It's men sizing though and the color of the shirt is a light gray instead of storm. I couldn't locate the women's shirts anywhere, so resorted to men's. I don't care for Tobi. I ordered a necklace from them (when they were Azalea) in April and it was back-ordered and they told me it would ship in 3 weeks. Never shipped. Never charged me either, so I just moved on. But I avoid them now.
  8. i just got the shirt from the Tokidoki site. Womens size Medium. Same thing happened to me with Tobi too. Once I saw they were up on the Tokidoki website tho, I snatched it up, since it was clear Tobi obviously wasnt getting theirs in any time soon
  9. So they have the women's sizing now? When I ordered last month, it was just mens. Maybe I should have waited. Oh well.
  10. Dang JenY, it has been forever. I am so sorry you still have not got your shirt :tdown: that's messed up.
  11. I'm hoping they didn't charge me either :confused1: I contacted them once and they said they were expecting it in SOON that was around July 20th. I wrote them again a couple of days ago b/c come on now what's going on and they never responded. I hate them :tdown: So I just figured I'll have to get it somewhere else :sad:

    Jess - Thanks, I know isn't it insane? :cursing: How can they take orders in June and here it is August and they're not saying a word about it. They're the worst!
  12. Yes, they are the worst. I will never order anything from them. Gosh. You have been hunting that shirt down for the longest time now and that makes me super sad. I shall keep an eye out again for the shirt. What size again?
  13. Thanks Jess!! I need an XL :graucho:
  14. Yeah I ordered that shirt from tobi (size large womens) and they told me it would be in for sure in the middle of July... Its August now and I haven't heard from them so I have no idea what'd going on.
  15. Well I'm glad I'm not the only one who ordered it but I wish we could get the scoop on what's going on. Last I heard they were still expecting it but now it's just ridiculous :cursing: