Adios ciao (ciao?) pictures and question...

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  1. So I've been waiting on my ciao for a couple of weeks from pulse. (Who I love by the way, I got my pirate BV from them) And my new adios star ciao arrives today. I had been thinking that the ciao would be too small and that I might have to find a ciao ciao somewher instead.
    I open my package from pulse today and here's what I got:
    (and don't look at what I'm wearing... today is a house cleaning day :p )
    mewith bagon.JPG mewithbsg2.JPG bagfrontclosed.JPG bagbackopen.JPG
  2. So the question part... I only paid for the ciao (with 15% off and free shipping) I was going to call them because I feel bad that they might not know they sent me the wrong thing. I called my husband at work and he said that I should just let it go and be happy. (After he told me never to call him again about tokidoki bags)
  3. Nice Bag . If you like the one they sent I would just let it go. Next time skip calling hubby and just ask us. :yes:
  4. I like the one they sent. There are a couple of characters I would have liked to have had on the bag that I didn't get, but there's really no way to get everything you want with the adios print.
    Next time I'll just ask you guys :yes:
    I guess I should probably just let it go. I just don't want to feel guilty everytime I use it :sad:
  5. Take the bag and RUN!!! Don't say a word... it's their mistake!! You just got a bigger discount. I :heart: it! I think it's a great one. I've seen a couple of those in person and you got a great one!!! I was looking at your pics thinking if that's a ciao I am crazy!! Then I read your second post!! I also thought the title on your first pic is mewithbacon!!!! I was wondering why you were showing us your cooking skills!! Congrats!!! :love:
  6. When i first saw ur pic i was thinking "hmmm, a ciao? my ciao is much smaller than that, and a ciao wont get that many characters for adios star." :confused1:
    Then i read ur second post...
    Well if you like it then keep it! Its their fault anyway. or if you feel guilty u can tell them that they sent you the wrong bag but u would like to keep it and let them charge for the difference $$$
  7. And....I'm still wondering where is the cat? :confused1:
  8. ha ha
    me too. I guess that "the cat" is the fish. (swimming kitty):yes:
    So much for the cactus kitty preview.

    As for calling them and paying the difference...I'm trying to decide if I feel that guilty.:shame:

    Also since you have a ciao is the strap the same length as the ciao ciao?
  9. I don't know, I'm one of those ppl that feel bad about these things... and I would feel guilty... for a while at least !!! :shrugs:
  10. If it were "me and bacon" you would me a picture of me in front of my microwave;)
    I also see I had a typo in one of the other picture titles. Seems like spelling is not one of my big concerns today!
    Hey Jen even though we haven't gotten the bags we thought we were getting we both seem to be doing okay. Maybe we should buy lottery tickets? Actually... you could probably buy a scratch ticket and win the powerball!
  11. I TOLD you the cat was the fish...remember!!! I KNEW IT!! :roflmfao:
    Where is cactus kitty going to be?? I got a pin w/cactus kitty in my pin pack from's too cute!!

    No, don't call them and pay the difference...wait and see if they realize and call you. Come on, you know how much $$$ they make on those things.
  12. I dont have a ciao ciao so i cant compare them. I tried a ciao ciao before and I believe the min and max length of the strap for ciao ciao is longer. but since the strap can be adjusted, I wear my ciao just like you wear your ciao ciao (as a messenger instead of wearing it on the shoulder). I hope this make sense.
  13. ahahhahahahaha...u in front of the microwave...too funny!! No biggie w/the typos just funny...mewithbacon!! It didn't say that but it sure looked like it did!! I think I will play the lottery tonight...I found a shiny lucky penny heads up today in my apartment when I was doing laundry. It fell out of my bf's jeans but it's still lucky!!! Maybe Pulse will actually get a zucca w/some lattes on it!! I would be super duper happy!! :love:
  14. me too :sad:
    I don't think I'll be using it in the next week or so anyway since I'll be using my scuola to go to work. Maybe I'll just let it sit a little bit and think about it :shrugs:
    Also... I probably wouldn't have got it in the bigger size since a small size would be easier to keep clean... I think.
    I :heart: the one I got though!
  15. Don't feel guilty . It's their mistake . If you call them and say you want to pay them more money for it they will think that you're crazy. :nuts: