Adios and ciaociao T-shirt at giantpeach.

  1. darn i wanted a medium :crybaby:
  2. aww I was thinking about getting one of these shirts too... AH the temptation!
  3. Hmm.. so tempting!! I have the Momo-peach/Adios face and Adios Rocketeer one.. but the thing is, I'm not a shirt person!! LOL I dont like sleeves.. WHY AM I BUYING SHIRTS?!

    Let's check shipping.. bwahahaha

    Thanks for posting! :smile:
  4. haha I know what you mean! I don't really wear t-shirts that often (until recently because I keep buying them) let alone spend $30+ on a t-shirt :push: I just got the rocketeer... so I think I'm going to put adios and ciao ciao on hold maybe... I need to hear back about something else before I decide to buy or not :okay:
  5. nybody have codes???
  6. reesycakes 10% off.
  7. Oooh 10% off.. now its even more tempting! I cant help but to love Adios and Ciao Ciao :love:
  8. Yes, adios and ciao ciao are very cute!
  9. Whiskers, thanks so much for posting this :biggrin: And socprof..thanks for the 10% off....I GOT ME ONE ;) Had to. LOL.
  10. Argh. I wanted one but XL is already gone! Oh well, I'm not meant to have one. :cursing:
  11. Jess! arent u still on a ban? Ur too cute!

    Those shirts go pretty fast!
  12. JenY, I'm sorry! I think I got the last one O__o If it doesn't fit me, I'll let you know and yeahhhhh.

    Janice, I'm supposed to be on ban....but I'm kinda off for a bit? HAHAHHHHAHA. I've been bad the last week with toki. I have.
  13. I've been pining away for this shirt forever. I needed a medium but I'm just gonna try and shrink a large. Thanks socprof81 for the discount!!
  14. aww darn! I bought the shirt and then read the rest of this thread!!! Oh well... I've been looking for this shirt for a while..