Adios and Ciao Ciao Release Party!!

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  1. oh wait,
    i just clicked on login.. i see where it says to register. ok it's for both! shopping and the forum. ohh sheesh.. i see donuts! haha lol
  2. Tehlilone: i was just joking :lol: ....oh what are you buying on LJ?? did you find something that im not aware of?? :lol:
  3. lol... I asked about a Nana long sleeve but I'm still deciding and I think another person asked about it after me :shrugs: I have a purchase in progress for a set of gashapon figures (anime) and I might be getting another set of collectable figures (also anime) lol I need to get to my apt to be able to ship things out :sweatdrop:

    oh yeah... I found this Isn't it awesome!!
  4. oh :lol: ...whoohoo more toys!! I too am getting more toys..older qees to be exact...too bad the flocked monkey were any chance did you pick those up?

    I was tryin to bid on that og dolce but i gave up after 70 hahaa...might as well get a second generation bambino or bambinone or something...but i couldnt call the was too busy!! oh well better luck next time :P

    lookie someone just posted this one on ebay a signed adios/ciaociao
  5. funny when I called at 6ish I got thru right away. I guess I called during the first down time :lol:
  6. oh i called around 5pm??? :sad: :lol: ahhhh!! i love the donut shirt!! eeew but not for $45! :lol:
  7. wow.. $79? geez talk about ripping people off :lol: