Adios and Ciao Ciao Release Party!!

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  1. i'm thinking it'll be limited to probably 1 set per person...since there's going to be a HUGE fatty would only be fair to ensure that everyone gets a set =)

    people are probably waiting right now!
  2. :[ i won't be going because i got put in for work.. </3 boooooo..!!
  3. lol. i know if that was me back in school i would not hesitate!

    you guys are so lucky. which we had more of these types of things in the east coast. :tdown:
  4. Anyone know of a site that has cheap shipping and will be selling adios&ciaociao besides munkyking & paniks box thing? mom wants those...but I dont think she'll be willing to pay that much shipping haaha.
  5. Jess, i pre-ordered mine at The Quiet Storm for $29.99 for the set. Shipping to San Diego came to $7 bux. I can't go to the signing tonight, so i just ended up ordering online.

    How much are they gonna be at Munky King? $18 each?
  6. ecny: lol normally i wouldn't hesitate either! could've made it into a fun weekend full of melrose shopping n disneyland!..but we're in our hardest semester...and i basically failed my midterms so i gotta buckle down n be good! plus i'm broke as a joke x.x
  7. So did anyone end up going to the party? I was going to get 1 set signed for my SS, but then I wasn't sure if she pre-order or not. I ended up ordering from quiet storm too since it's cheaper than other online site.
  8. Aw they're cool! I was at the kidrobot forum and here's a pic someone took with their cell phone referencing with a dunny at MunkyKing~

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  9. haha leen r u a lurker on KR?
  10. actually it was my first time going in there! i didnt know they had a forum. i was looking at the vinyls and comparing prices. Then i ran into it and started reading! I saw that person's picture.. and thought.. ohhhh cute!!!
  11. haha tehlilone.. i'm lost in there.. i dunno how i got there and how to make my way back. i'm just gonna hit HOME page to look at the toys again.
  12. ah lol... yeah vmasterz and I are already on there sometimes and other people I think maybe? It's a great place to get vinyl toys from for cheaper or if they're harder to find IMO
  13. so if i register..that'll already be my username to go to the forum part right?
  14. oooh too cute!! yeah im there sometimes at KR, but rarely now since im loaded with assignments/exams :sad: ....and tehlilone usually steals all the good deals :lol: j/k!!
  15. Leen: what do you mean if you register? Like in teh forum or in teh store? lol
    vmasterz: :lol: I haven't been buying ANYTHING lately! I'm trying to save... minus the soon to be purchase from seattle and maybe a few more on LJ :sweatdrop: