Adios and Ciao Ciao Release Party!!

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  1. :cry: why is everyone happening on the mainland?! JapanLA's party, comicon, now this?!?!!!! :crybaby:

    You guys should hold your events in HI :graucho: Come on, I know you guys wanna come here :lol:

    Poop. Lucky girls..
  2. Ha you think you have it bad? :lol: nothing really happens here!! Theres not such thing as comic con or even a Simone signing!! :crybaby: heehee
  3. Dana: i wanna go there!! even if there's no toki event!!

    vMasterz: i'll get you something signed from simone if you want!
  4. cuz california's the place to be! well more specifically down south..i'm nor kali n it still sucks cept i'm in bay area n we have FANTASTIC food so i can't complain TOO much
  5. dangit. Everything is happening in summer and I won't be in LA until August. Poo. Next summer I guess.
  6. Since it's an event for the Adios and Ciao Ciao figures, do you think Simone would still sign Lesportsac bags?
  7. i want to go! i will ask my local designer toy shop, schmancy in seattle to throw me a little tokidoki party when she gets her shipment in, haha.
  8. lol cicconeyouth :biggrin:
  9. They just updated saying that...

    "Due to the high volume of fans, Simone will not be signing anything other than the ADIOS and ciao ciao during the intial signing. This is to insure that everyone has an opportunity to both purchase the figures and get them signed. Please be aware that we will not be allowing sketch books and other blank media into the store at that time. Please be considerate of fellow fans and of Simone's arm by refraining from asking him to customize."

    so if you're going they're only signing the vinyls... can anyone get me a pair? I don't really care if it's customized I just don't want to have another thing that I need to get signed at comic-con :sweatdrop:
  10. oooh yeah! could pls pick up an adios and ciao and have him sign it?? pleeeeze?? :biggrin: thanks a million!!!!
  11. that's smart of them to say that...cuz knowing toki fans...they're gonna hoard every single tokidoki item they have n simone will be signing till next month! lolz...oh how i wish i wasn't failling this semester..otherwise i'd go! x.x
  12. Count me in! I really hope he stays there till closing, this is what really sucks about the resturaunt business XP.
  13. hi, these might be dumb questions, but...Simone goes to comiccon ?Does he go every year? Can you gat anything signed by him? Thanks
  14. He's going this year... he was there last year... I'm not sure about the year before but I could check one of my programs :shrugs: but I remember seeing his vinyls in the past so he could've been there. If he continues making vinyls he'll probably be there in coming years and/or if he just wants to go but I'm not sure and I'm pretty sure he'll sign anything :smile: but you'd have to ask him
  15. Yeahhh!! Come here!! LOL Its so freakin' hot :Push:

    Can you get me a signed set too? Or is there a limit to the # of vinyls dolls you can get? I wonder how much they're selling them for.. :confused1: *sigh*