Adios and Ciao Ciao Release Party!!

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  1. I didn't see anyone post this so up it goes!

    Adios and Ciao Ciao are having a release party at Munky King!!! June 21st :yahoo:
  2. I'm so jealous of you California gals.
  3. If only i lived in LA.:smile:
  4. Luck Cali folks... :sad:
  5. yeah a few people on the Kidrobot forum also were complaining since cali has been getting a lot of the limited releases compared to other places like NY... I think it's because a lot of the main offices/stores of the big vinyl distributors are in CA... plus I know Jamie told me tokidoki has it's warehouse based in LA or something
  6. They are soo cute...I need them...
  7. why on a friend saw it n was like are u gonna go?!

    me: its on a thursday
    friend: i know o.o
    me: but we have SCHOOL!
    friend: oh ITS OK just skip friday!
    other friend: AHHH you're enabling her! stop it!
  8. lol you need friends who are enablers!
  9. everything is always in LA for everything!!grrr. and on thursdays. odd.
  10. that's usually when munky king does their events =T
  11. hmm... i'm not all that big on that munky king store.. but this event is a freakin' good excuse for me to go around LA like i used to do :biggrin:!! haha

    edit: i just looked at my work schedule and i DON'T have work that day :O!! and my bf doesn't work thursdays.. HMM!!! hahaha
  12. kr always does thursdays too. it's discrimination against days that aren't thursday, for realz.
  13. cant wait!! i will be
  14. sheesh stores in NY need to start doing promo parties ... I need to meet Simone!! *sigh*
  15. ahh i love munky king! have fun whoever goes! wow simone's off to japan this week, then back again.. for this! TOO COOL!!!!