Adina Reyter

  1. I'm new here and wanted to get some advice on jewelry. I've just discovered this designer. After reading about her jewelry, I realize the silver open circle craze was popularized by her design and celebrities wearing it. After being out of the fashion loop for a while, I'm trying to update my look. I just got the small silver disc and love it!
    I'd like to get another necklace to layer with my disc. It's pricey for me even with a 10 or 15% off code so I'd like it to still be considered stylish. Do you think her styles are fashionable or trendy? I'd like to be able to wear it for a long while. The disc seems like a timeless piece I would not tire of wearing. Looking for other opinions from you all as I don't have anyone around who shares my love of jewelry and fashion. Thank you!