Adieu Marc Jacobs

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  1. #1 Feb 20, 2014
    Last edited: Feb 20, 2014
    Some brightness shines through (Thank you Deem, Possum, Slayer and Cali) for all your support:heart:

    This piece is amazing, AMAZING so light and the degrade effect is beautiful

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  2. NN14 Noe GM Tan

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  3. Wow the degrade effect is amazing.....never seen it so precise...awesome MJ exit bag to have added to the wonderful collection!
  4. Thank YOU for all your support during this time too:love: I think it is so beautiful …so elegant and so light too …the graffiti one is so special too.
  5. I just lvoe your collection, especially, the graffiti, monogramouflage... love it.

    I am so going to miss Marc Jacobs. He created some of the most beautiful stuff a woman (and men) can own.

    So sad to see LV and Marc Jacobs parting ways..

    And sadder still knowing that his last collection is being priced off the roof to capitalize on his departure. lol.. Have U seen the prices of his latest collection... scary.. Almost had a heart attack when the SA told me the price of an item I am interested in.:smile:
  6. 4 people tried to purchase the bag whilst I was reviewing it (I didn't want to go to the viewing room) … I agree I love, love MJ and what he has done for the House. I have seen some of the s/s RTW pieces .. they are amazing but can't really be worn in a tropical climate… the mens pieces are amazing and I love your collection. I am thinking of purchasing the graffiti PM it was so cute.
  7. Graffiti PM? still available at the LV boutique? Get it!.. lol.. I have been hunting for one of the pieces for a long time.. But only available at 2nd hand shops..unfortunately the condition of the bags there are not so good.
  8. I am loving these nn14 bags more and more! Congrats!'
  9. No the NN14 Graffiti PM as it is produced in GM too… I can't believe the size difference between the PM and GM .. the PM is so tiny.
  10. Justin your collection rivals SJ's! You both have the most fab and fun pieces....thoroughly enjoy both of your reveals here.....I'm still envious of the cap from a/w!

  11. Oh.. I see.. oops.. Sorry.. NN14 PM is so tiny.. lol... and the GM is not so big either. I saw the PM versions of the NN14, I thought LV produces miniatures.. lol.. sorry, cant help it. The NN14 series are nice though.. especially the graffiti.

    My favourite piece from the collection is the one with all the chicken feathers. lol

  12. Thank U! *gush* *gush*.. The cap? Oh my... That was like 2 years ago..
  13. Aww SJ these are so beautiful .. you sure bid MJ farewell with a bang. Congratulations!
  14. As always, your reveals do not disappoint! You have such refined taste - never to be seen in mass numbers trolling the mall! You are a tpf fashion icon!
  15. Beautiful...beautiful...much better color than the black one. How are you doing? Hope this gorgeous bag bring you some excitement and happiness.