adidas by stella mccartney

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  1. how do we all feel about stella mccartney's lines for adidas?.......i don't remember the first collection but this past one i's not high fashion or anything but they're just great casual pieces, so cute, fit well, and very figure-flattering......they're great pieces to throw on and run to class in......
    and not she's coming out with a tennis collection in about a month.....although i neither play tennis nor have any interest in doing so, i plan on getting myself this tennis dress and the pleated skirts from the line which i'm sure will be adorable......
  2. hi ya!

    i think its great that if shes doing an adidas line... I think it shows the world that she can do anything - beside just having a famous father and having a beautiful high class fashion line :biggrin:
  3. I could never imagine playing tennis in that! :amazed: It is very cute though
  4. Definately not something I would wear for tennis. 50's party maybe.
  5. Stella McCartney designs some really great items. Here line for H&M was hot!.........and inexpensive!
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