1. I have an 11 yr. old child that has been diagnosed with ADHD about 4 yrs ago,I've tried everything to help him, from watching his diet to medication, the medicine is not what I want for him but sometimes it just seem like that is what he needs, ( the medicines only seem to work for a little while) I have heard about omega fish oil vitamins(?) might help. Does anyone know anything about this?? Please help !! THANKS
  2. I think diet is a big part and there are many vitamins and foods that could help- where about do you live? Maybe you can see a nutritionist in your area that can help with this. Good luck!!
  3. I would make sure that your son sees a board certified child/adolescent psychiatrist for any medication, not a pediatrician. That said, diet is important but I have to say that when I was in practice as a psychologist the kids who were on the proper medication did much better than those who choose to stay off meds. (I also am not real hip on meds, but the difference is amazing). It is usually recomended that the child take med holidays, such as when school is on vacation and such. Good luck!
  4. So my child is back on his meds(5 days now) Maybe I was expecting a totaly different result..................He is still getting into trouble at school. he has got into a fight and has been arguing with teachers. some one told me to have him tested for bi polar. what are the different symptoms of adhd compared to bi polar?:confused1:
  5. There are no "tests" for bi-polar disorder. It is determined by a clinical interview by psychiatrist, plus family history (it is genetic) as well as behavioral reports by teachers and parents. Bi-polar is not usually diagnosed in children, so I am not sure who told you to get him "tested". Perhaps he needs to be put on a behavioral contract.
  6. I used to work at a nutrition store, and I had alot of people coming in for Omega fatty acids for children suffering with ADHD. A few different brands carried formulas basically made up of fatty acids and fish oils. I don't remember the names, it was many years ago...but alot of people would swear by them. It's hard to say what would be right for your child...but I know that adding these things (fatty acids & fish oil) honestly couldn't hurt. Most of us are deficient in them anyhow, and its beneficial for concentration, etc.
    There is also a product, i think it's called Learning Factors, i think made by Natural Factors, which is a Canadian brand, and there are pills, or a powder that you can make into a shake for breafast. It contains fruits, herbs, vitamins, oils etc. Its worth looking into to see if it's right for you. HTH
  7. Thanks, I called my local health food store and they also said many people do go in the store asking for fish oil substitutes for children because it does seem to work, I'm going try a child multi-vitamin with DHA (fish oil ).
  8. Good luck bobobags!! I hope it helps!