1. The ever so " fashionably thin?" Mr. Karl commented about the size of singer Adele..

    Basically referrring to her as being "fat"... even though he did apologize,

    Adele said that she is happy with her body image & who she is..

    Chanel may feel the backlash of this comment....
  2. What exactly did he say? Link?
  3. He said:

    "a little too fat"

    He's an ugly, ugly, man.

    Apparently, he's apologized. He seems to suffer from diarrhea of the mouth quite often.
  4. Ugh, that's so rude. He really needs to learn how to keep his mouth shut.
  5. He has said similar things before and made negative comments about specific people and about people in general that he considers overweight. Those comments have never affected him or his business in terms of any measurable backlash, so I don't imagine it will happen now, either. People regard the name Chanel and Lagerfeld pretty highly and they covet the image of the brand more than they care about the bad behaviour or offensive comments of its head.
  6. Karl makes comments all the time. Chanel has yet to suffer, this comment won't do any damage. Because let's face the reality, not too many women Adele's size is wearing RTW or pieces from their Haute Couture line. People will still by their leather and accessories.... it's not going to affect their bottom line.

  7. There are many body types that buy Chanel....whether Mr Karl likes

    it or not:nogood:.. Chanel makes $$$$$ on all body types!!

    Chanel could take some heat for this..let's see how it plays out..

    The comment was tasteless, vulgar & inappropriate and perhaps

    Mr. Lagerfeld needs to be reminded of what he looked like

    years ago before he became what he refers to as fashionably thin..

    Adele handled this beautifully.... she has a voice that is beyond

    and has a very postive self image... I applaud her!:woohoo:
  8. I don't really think it was a big deal. The media cares more than Adele did. She's commented many times before that she doesn't want to be skinny and she likes her body the way it is. She knows she's not skinny, and people call her fat all the time. It's really nothing new. I seriously doubt Chanel would feel any backlash. The people who would care already hate Karl or Chanel for past reasons. He says controversial stuff all the time.
  9. Doesn't he have a coin or some other currency he should be on?
  10. i wouldn't buy his stuff even if i did have the money *hair flip*

    ok, maybe the chain around. :tender:
  11. He was fat once. He is so damn annoying.
  12. Didn't he say he was a great fan if her voice, that she had a gorgeous face, but that she was "a little too fat"?
    Although it might've been an unnecessary thing to say... I completely agree. I don't see the big deal here.
  13. it's just insensitive