Adele or Insolite Wallet?

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  1. Ok, so I have now narrowed down my large wallet options to either the Adele or Insolite wallet. Help! I need help deciding!
  2. I have the Adele! I love it. Be aware though that some people have complained that the card slots loosen up over time although I don't have that issue yet. A big plus for the Insolite is the d ring to attach a strap. Some people do it on the Adele (attach a strap to zippers) but I don't as I think over time it will ruin the zipper. A big plus for Adele is magnetic closure (though some think that's a minus and prefer the snap closure of Insolite which u have to line up the snap to close). Both are lovely, similar wallets at differing price points. Good luck deciding!
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  3. Thank you for your info! The Insolite is nice, but maybe too big? I don't know. Still on the fence deciding! Ugh!
  4. I think the Insolite is about the same length and width as the Adele and may be a little thicker. There is great you tube video of a comparison of the 2 wallets side by side. Hope that helps.
  5. I bought the Adele and love it! Have you decided and bought one?
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  6. I bought the Adele, wasn't 100% about it so went back and exchanged it for the Sarah.
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