Adelaide---opinions please

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    In what is possibly the most tenuous link in the history of The Bag Lady, the title of this post is a reference to Guys & Dolls (which is back in the London West End this month with Ewan McGregor in Marlon Brando's role!). The reason is that this Jamin Puech bag is called 'Adelaide' (£285), as is the most memorable character from the musical. Of course, the chances that this boho-esque animal charm bag is an homage to a bubble permed stripper is highly unlikely, but who cares? I got to mention Ewan McGregor and Marlon Brando in a post about bags. Now that takes skill!

    Posted by Shiny Media
  2. :yucky:
  3. not me but, very cute and whimsical...I am more of a classical contempory gal..very unique as well it reminds me of spring/Easter...follow your heart and if you love it then make it yours
  4. I don´t know, I seem to be strangely fond of it.
  5. No offense, but if Minnie Pearl every shopped on Rodeo Drive, this is what she must have been searching for and was lucky to have found it! Very interesting!
  6. I kind of like it... but it would be better if there were no circular pieces of fabric hanging off it.