Addy's LV Fashion Jewelry Collection

  1. Love your collection! I'm trying not to walk off with your inclusion earrings. :graucho:

    Thanks for sharing Addy.
  2. Wow!!! Gorgeous collection!!!
  3. Thanks for stopping by! Hope I inspire some of you to try out LV's fashion jewelry items. They are so interesting and fun to wear!
  4. Beautiful collection! I love the Inclusion jewelry. I have been eyeballing the bangles for a long time...this thread is making me want to cave in!
  5. Wow! Thanks for sharing Addy. You just inspired me to venture into the LV fashion jewelry collection.
  6. Love them all! Thanks for sharing!
  7. OMG! I love your jewelry collection!
  8. Thats a very cute collection Addy,, its also great that they are all looking in excellent condition!
  9. WOW!!!Beautiful,Love them:smile:
  10. Me sooooooooo jealous!
  11. Ahh a good way to end my night enjoying your beauties! LOL
  12. Woah! :love: I just looked at the Keep It bracelet. :love:
  13. Awesome collection!!!
  14. Love your collection....You should post some modeling pics..
  15. Great collection! I love it!